The older I get the more I come to realise that I’m like my dad, for starters I’ve inherited his wonderful baldness genes but I also have the same silly sense of humour. The lady of the manor is often telling me that a particular facial expression or voice is exactly like him which can only mean one thing; he’s a comedy genius.

Now while that does of course make him awesome it’s not why I think he’s a hero, if you want to find that out then give this short video a watch. It’s a little video about why I think my dad is a hero and what some of his father’s day dreams are. Ignore the slightly abrupt end to the video, my phone battery died so I lost the last few seconds and had to crop it. Also note the video bombing from Bracken about half way through!.

So now you know where my fitness obsession comes from, I bet you can imagine what happens when all my brothers and my dad get together! If you’d like to be in with the chance of making your dad’s dreams come true courtesy of those lovely people at Braun then all you need to do is upload your own video to YouTube.

Simply record a short video about why your dad is a hero and what his father’s day dreams are, tag it with the hashtags #FathersDayDreams and #Braun and upload to YouTube. Simply really. If you don’t want to do a video you can also tweet them using the same hashtags.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Disclosure Рthis is a sponsored post and was produced in association with Braun.