It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for the 3rd post to celebrate Fathers’ Story Week which if you missed the first two posts (where were you?) is a week long celebration of the power of dads’ reading with their children.

On Monday I shared my story about reading to my children and yesterday Darren kicked off the guest posts from some of my favourite dad bloggers. Today is the 2nd guest post and this time from David who I feel like I’ve known forever because we both started blogging around the same time and Matilda is just a few weeks older than his daughter. I’ve also had the pleasure of staying with him and his family in Scotland last year while we were up there on holiday. Alas he’s recently decided to stop blogging so I’m very pleased he came out of writing retirement to guest post here!

1. What’s the best thing about reading to your children? 
The cuddles.

2. Where do you read to your children?
We read exclusively at bedtime. I would love to do it during the day but O has no interest.

3. All dads like doing voices when reading, what’s your party piece when it comes to impressions?
Either the troll from Billy Goats Gruff or The Gruffalo.

4. Favourite book from your childhood?
If I think back it was always Basil The Great Mouse Detective. I don’t even know it if was a proper book!

5. What’s your children(s) favourite book now?
At the moment it is any of the Olivia series. They are books about a pig called Olivia and her family. Minus the pig part they mirror our lives frighteningly well…

6. Last book you read them?
Mr Magnolia by Quentin Blake.

7. Book that your children love but you secretly hate?
Olivia loves a Postman Pat book. It’s actually a really annoying story and it doesn’t flow at all meaning Im stuttering all over the place. So I just adlib to shorten it and she doesn’t seem to mind.

Do come back tomorrow for the 4th post in this series and of course would love to hear your stories about reading with your children.