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Me and mine May

The end of May seems to have crept up rather quickly; it’s been a busy month and as you’re reading this we’ll be heading off for a weeks holiday in Seaford, East Sussex, so plenty of distractions. Which all meant that I realised on Thursday that we hadn’t yet taken a me and mine photo, but all was not lost as Friday was a perfect day to take a family photo. You see yesterday we went for the lady of the manor’s 20 week scan and found out that we are officially team blue!

Which is all very exciting, although the lady of the manor has had to adjust a little as she was sure it was going to be a girl. But there was no doubting it’s a boy, takes after his dad of course. Now we just need to find a boys name we like, something we struggled with when choosing for Henry, lots of discussion and use of veto’s coming up no doubt. But if anyone has any favourites to suggest do let us know.

Me and mine may

This month I’ve been mainly running an ultra marathon (you may be noticing a theme in my updates) which in this case was 40 miles along the Ridgeway. A beautiful day of running and actually surprisingly felt ok doing the distance. Also perfect prep for my big charity run in July. Since then I’ve taken a nice break from running to rest and filled my time starting to build my pizza oven. Made some progress but still a while off being able to eat delicious crusty pizzas fresh from the oven.

Henry has been busy turning 2 this month and having a joint birthday with his big sister at the start of the month. He got the biggest bucket of cars you’ve ever seen along with a ELC garage for his birthday from us and has been a very happy little boy ever since. He also had his first settling in session at preschool, he’ll be joining Matilda one morning a week from June and they seemed to really enjoy both being there.

Me and mine May

Matilda has been growing up far too fast, she’s had a hair cut this week (2nd one ever) and looks so grown up. She’s very excited that I’m building a pizza oven and keeps asking me when she can cook a pizza in it. She’s also decided that her first pizza will have ham and pineapple on it.

The lady of the manor has of course mainly been busy growing a baby which she tells me is very tiring, but the children have at least started consistently waking up near or after 7am and enjoying a snuggle in our bed before getting up properly. She’s also taken great pleasure in installing a full suite of Ikea storage solutions in our playroom so that the kids toys are organised alphabetically and by colour. Finally she’s been tending to her ever expanding veg patch and greenhouse which hopefully soon will be giving us delicious tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, strawberries and much more.

dear beautiful


  1. Sounds like a busy May for all of you… And your Me and Mine photos will be growing in the not too distant future too… Exciting times!

  2. Capture by Lucy

    May 31, 2014 at 8:13 am

    Oh I love this! Hooray for team blue!!! I feel so inspired by your running – managed my first 3k without passing out last week so little and often and I know I will improve. Wonderful reading about your busy family life – I feel some pizza recipes coming soon to the blog…?! 🙂

    • It’s amazing what consistent running does for you but you do have to be patient. 18 months ago I could barely run 10k now I think nothing of heading out for 20 miles 🙂 Oh and you know the blog will feature pizza, also been reading about an evening of tapas all cooked in the oven!

  3. Congratulations! How wonderful. And that hair cut is super sweet! #Me&Mine

  4. Ahhhhhhh, congratulations!!! I didn’t find out with either of my two but I always get so excited when I hear that other people have found out. So amazing to thing that there will be another little man in your photos by the end of the year.

    • We didn’t find out with Matilda or Henry either but decided this time as it means we can start planning a bit more which room he’ll go into eventually and also get rid of some clothes!

      • We’re still undecided whether we’ll have a number 3, but I’ve already said that I think I’d find out third time around, for those same reasons. And also just so that I could know if feels any different to know. x

  5. Congratulations! And what a busy month too! The pizza oven sounds good – as does a ham and pineapple pizza.

  6. OH WOW! Congratulations – what a special photo :)) exciting times ahead!

  7. Team Blue!! How exciting!!! Congrats to all of you, that’s amazing news!
    I love that you’re running such long races and that you’re building a pizza oven! Amazing times!

  8. Aw that first one of you all is gorgeous, even the doggy is looking at the camera! And such a special meaning too, CONGRATULATIONS to you all! A blue baba! How wonderful. Pizza oven sounds wonderful, can’t beat a good pizza! 🙂

    • I think that was the only one of about 30 photos that Bracken was behaving! I do like including him when we can though as he really is part of the family.

  9. Congratulations on another boy. Fantastic news. Matilda and Henry have such lovely names. I’m really traditional and love royal names. You definitely need an Edward, Charles, William, Arthur, Albert or Harry.

    And well done with your races. Such a fab achievement. x

    • Thanks and agree, I quite like the traditional names too. We almost called him George instead of Henry though which wouldn’t have been so good! Albert’s on the list already….

  10. Another boy, how wonderful. A huge congratulations. I’m bling the sound of a pizza oven mmmmm 🙂

  11. Aw congrats on the baby boy! Lovely news. Hope you manage to find a suitable name. Hope you have a wonderful time in E.Sussex too. As I posted we were just coming back from there – although we were the furthest east in Camber. Good luck for your big run in July too!

  12. What a fab day to take the photo, and so lovely too with the scan picture. Sounds like you’ve had a fantastic and busy month! #meandmine

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