While you are sat reading this on what is promising to be a very wet and windy Saturday I am going to be plodding along 40 miles of the Ridgeway from Marlborough to Goring. This is my practise race before I take on the Race to the Stones in July. Yes that’s right, 40 miles of running as a practise!

I decided it was a good idea to find out what it feels like to run longer than a marathon without all the pressure of completing my fool on the run challenge. It’s also a great opportunity to find out what works and what doesn’t in terms of equipment, clothing and food. Including the shiny new shoes I had to buy this week after finding a hole in my other ones, not really ideal before a 40 mile race.

This is how important doing this challenge for Save the Children and Tommy’s is to me. This is the commitment I’m willing to put in so that come July I’m able to run the full 100km. What I’m asking from you is very simple, please click on the link below and it’ll take you to my sponsorship page. Any donation you can give no matter how big or small will make a huge difference and ensure I have no excuse for not finishing the race.

If you’d like to read about why I’ve chosen to support these charities you can find all details here.

Oh and if you do read this on Saturday morning all tweets of encouragement as I fight with the strong winds are very much appreciated!

[learn_more caption=”Sponsor me!” state=”open”] In July I will be taking on the challenge of running the Race to the Stones, a 100k trail race along the ancient Ridgeway path. This is a huge challenge and one I’ve taken on to support 2 amazing charities that are close to my heart; Save the Children and Tommy’s. If you would like to sponsor me you can go to http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/BenjaminTipping [/learn_more]