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Me and Mine April

We decided to be brave this month and attempt a Me and Mine April photo away from home and what better location than Avebury? For those of you that don’t know about Avebury it’s a neolithic stone circle in the same guise as Stone Henge but much more accessible and I think more interesting. It’s also conveniently situated just 10 minutes from home so the idea was a nice walk with the kids and the hound then take a photo or 2 in front of the stones. I had visions of a lovely family outing with a nice little picnic along the way.

However the reality was unsurprisingly different, Bracken who is used to running with me did not enjoy being on a lead and pulled my arm off. Matilda complained that she was SO HUNGRY within 10 minutes of arriving and I forgot both the tripod and remote for the camera. Which resulted in a hilarious 10 minutes of running backwards and forwards to the camera to set the timer while it was balanced on my rucksack while trying to keep 2 toddlers in one place and get a photo that wasn’t slanting.

We just about managed to get a decent shot and it is of course the first one of these where we can officially share that there has in fact been 5 of us (plus the dog) in the last 2 me and mine posts as the lady of the manor is pregnant with our 3rd baby.Yes that’s right people we’re going to have 3 children under 4 come October!

Family photo at Avebury

This month I have mainly been running a marathon, celebrating my birthday and thoroughly enjoying the long weekends. It was my first road marathon (previous 1 was offroad) and I didn’t quite hit my target time but nonetheless pretty pleased with myself for doing it. However thoughts now turn to my next challenge and my recently announced Fool on the Run challenge where I’m going to be running 100km to raise money for Save the Children and Tommy’s. If you can spare a few pounds to sponsor me I would be eternally grateful.

The lady of the manor has been adjusting to life with an expanding bump again and claiming that despite 2 previous pregnancies not that long ago she doesn’t have any maternity clothes to wear. A likely story! She’s also been discovering that spicy food really doesn’t agree with her in this pregnancy after fajitas made a rapid re-appearance. She’s also been planning our lounge redesign which will hopefully include a log burner as the centrepiece.

Matilda has been getting older with her 3rd birthday a couple of weeks ago which was a relatively low key affair with some family with a bigger joint party for Henry’s birthday also which is in May to come in a few weeks. She’s also been changing preschool and is now doing 2 days of 9am to 1pm at the new place. She seems to have settled in really well and actually likes being left now which is a big step. The preschool is attached to the primary school we want her to go to so it feels good that the decision to move here has worked as we hoped.

Henry has started lying in (which is a big change from last months post where I complained of the 5am starts, he’s now regularly asleep to 7.30am which is just amazing. He’s also developed somewhat of an obsession with worms this month and every time we are in the garden he demands we go searching “wiggly worms daddy, wiggly worms”. Which I don’t mind at all, great fun going bug hunting.

Finally just for your amusement here’s a few of the outtakes 🙂




dear beautiful


  1. LOVE the outtakes! We kept an outtake in our post this month. I think it’s fun to see behind the scenes.

  2. How amazing to have such history right on your doorstep! You’re right, it is a great place for a portrait! I wonder how many family pictures have been catered here over the years? #Me&Mine

  3. I love the photos 🙂 Looks like a lovely place that you live! I am jealous haha. x

  4. Hooray for the lasy of the manor and her bump!! These are lovely family pictures, well done for venturing outside 😉

  5. Amazing news! Congratulations.
    And well done on the marathon too…good luck with your next one x

  6. Little Steps

    May 1, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    Oh congratulations! I’m envious of women who are pregnant right now (so want to be too! if only it were that easy). Happy for you guys and love your family photo too, especially since it’s with Bracken 🙂

  7. mummy madness

    May 1, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    lovely photo and congratulations.

  8. I love the outtakes too and a huge congratulations!!

  9. helloitsgemma

    May 2, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    I find this very funny and have images of you running backwards and forwards to the camera. Congratulations on no. 3! I am impressed – you both have so much energy for small people.

  10. sabrina montagnoli

    May 4, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    Cute outtakes!

  11. Capture by Lucy

    May 5, 2014 at 9:55 pm

    WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO ah I am so thrilled for you! Me and Mine is going to be awesome for you this year!!!! xx

  12. Love the outtakes and congrats on your wife’s bump! Amazing news. x

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