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John Lewis insurance have recently launched a competition where you can win the chance to have your child’s artwork worked up by professional illustrator Emily Woodard. Now I’ll be honest that interpreting a toddlers artwork may be somewhat of a challenge, much like that moment when you stood in the Tate Modern and you turn to your friend and say “but what IS it?”. But that doesn’t mean I don’t cherish every picture that Henry or Matilda do for me, I quite like that they want to make me something and it means something to them. Plus most of the time their drawing of a dog is actually better than mine anyway.

To give you an idea of what this might look like take a look at this short video showing Emily in action. I’d love to be able to draw like that and it’s fascinating seeing a child’s drawing be interpreted like that.

So today I’m going to share with you a painting from Matilda; the theme for this competition is ‘what matters most’ and currently for Matilda this is bugs and the garden. Our favourite activity is searching for bugs under stones and bushes and she’ll often trot up to me with a caterpillar or snail in her hand that she’s found somewhere. I love that she is fascinated by wildlife and it’s great fun teaching her about what each of the creatures are. It’s perhaps no surprise that for her birthday this week she got all manner of bug and gardening related presents including one of those boxes with a magnifying glass on top to get a closer look at the bugs she finds.

Last week we painted these butterflies together as a way of building on that learning, the weekend before I’d taken both her and Henry to a local butterfly world so it was ideal timing to let her express what she’d seen. She was telling us as she painted about the different colours and how they matched butterflies she’d seen. Plus we talked about how caterpillars grow up to become butterflies, not sure she quite understood that one as it’s quite hard to imagine isn’t it?

Painted butterfly

If you’d like to enter the competition you can find full details here, all you have to do is upload a photo of the artwork with your child’s name, age and an email address to be contacted on. Competition terms and conditions can be found here and the competition closes on 24th April at 10am so plenty of time to get drawing over the Easter weekend.