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Toddler treasure hunt

Placing a leaf in the boxWe are very much an outdoors family, not necessarily in the sense of climbing mountains but rather in the sense that we might kill each other if we’re indoors for more than 1 day. So in that moment post breakfast when sugar and energy levels are up and the kids are flying around the house like little bundles of energy they are inevitably herded outside.

Now we could just let them run around or argue whose turn it is to go in the swing but recently I’ve started to bring a little focus for their energy. Toddlers are pretty clever things aren’t they and also little sponges when it comes to learning so why not challenge them a little? So I’ve been doing toddler treasure hunts with them inspired by a little searching on Pinterest.

The concept is very simple; you get an egg box and think of things that each child needs to find. In our case to keep it simple they have 3 things each and have a side each of the egg box to fill. You could of course get a big egg box and do more or have an egg box per child. But for my 2 finding 3 things is probably about the limit of their attention span before they end up randomly chucking things into the box.

For our last search we had to look for a leaf, a stone and a snail. Because the other benefit of doing this is that you can also go bug hunting which Henry in particular loves and means I can play the role of ADVENTURE DAD. Which in case you didn’t know is like being a super hero to 2 toddlers. However I may have created a bit of an addiction with Henry as every time we go in the garden he now demands to see a wriggly worm “more wriggly daddy, more wriggly”.

Finding stones for the box

I love this little activity, it’s a fun way to learn about what’s in our garden and also teach them new words “can you find a rhododendron kids?”. Fresh air always improves our moods and gets them playing together rather than arguing over something. If you’re really organised you could print out pictures of the objects and put them in the egg boxes but that’s a little beyond my planning abilities.

Anyone else have some good activities for toddlers in the garden?

P.S. not the greatest photos, but quite hard taking them because toddlers never stay still do they?!

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  1. sabrina montagnoli

    April 9, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    Great idea which I might take to the park!

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