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Fool on the run – Save the Children

As you all now know I’m taking on the challenge of running 100km in July, which if you say it quickly doesn’t sound too bad. But I’m doing it to raise money for 2 great causes and knowing that I hope will get me through what is inevitably going to involve some very tough moments. I considered many charities before deciding on these 2, there are so many worthy charities doing great work but I kept coming back to 2 that truly meant something to me personally.

Today I’d like to introduce the first of those causes which is Save the Children. A charity which I’m sure many of you know already but one I chose for 2 reasons; first they do work in both the UK and 120 other countries in Africa, South America, the Middle East and Asia; secondly a specific campaign – change the story.

Change the story is all about giving the UK’s poorest children the chance to have a good education. It’s about stopping the cycle of the poorest children in the UK leaving primary school without basic reading and writing skills. Stopping the scandal of those children not being given the tools needed to change their lives for the better.

I see the joy that Matilda and Henry already gets from books, the excitement on their faces when they sits with their favourite stories. Last night I watched Matilda sit in the bath and tell Henry the full story of Room on the Broom that she’d learnt at preschool. How amazing is that? Yet we take for granted having access to quality education like this while children potentially less than 50 miles from here don’t have that. We have a house full of books that we read with them and they read themselves everyday, but that isn’t the reality for many children.

To try to combat this issue Save the Children is recruiting 20,000 change makers to lead their Born to Read programme. A programme that will see them read with disadvantaged children and try to avoid children falling behind by the time they are only 7. If you’re interested in getting involved you can register to support this campaign here. Please also take a moment to watch this short video, I challenge any parent to watch this and not want to find a way to make a difference to these children’s lives.

Save the Children of course does many other great things, this is just one campaign of many but one that I’m truly passionate about. I’ve volunteered already as a change maker and when running this race will use the thought of Matilda and Henry and all the children like them reading to get me through tough moments.

Now it’s your turn, why not also volunteer to make a change or you can make a donation to support my race here and help Save the Children. These are children’s lives that we can make a difference to and they are right here in the UK.

Thanks for reading.

Fool on the run


  1. Good on you mate; consider yourself sponsored! 🙂

  2. I’m so excited about this Ben! You are an absolute star!

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