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Me and Mine March

Me and mine March

What better time to my me and mine post than a Sunday evening after a gloriously sunny Mothers day? We’ve spent most of the day outside with friends at a farm feeding baby animals, playing on swings and generally having fun as a family. Something to be said for simple family activities like that and certainly my 2 are much happier running around a farm than any theme park.

You’ll notice that Matilda is doing her best cheeeeese face and Henry is of course not looking at the camera as normal, although he was a little knackered by this point. But for once we didn’t have to rely on a tripod for the photo as with much pain on my part I handed over control of the photo taking to the friends that were with us.

This month it feels like I have mainly had a cold which thankfully seems to be finally shifting today just in time for next weekends marathon (eeek!). I also spent a week in Morocco for work which really wasn’t as exciting as it sounds, I’m thankful that my new job is going to involve a lot less travel. Hate going away from my little crew too often.

The lady of the manor has been enjoying the first signs of spring and being able to get her toes out again, it’s at this point I remember exactly how many pairs of Birkenstocks she has. She’s also begun planning for birthday party season in our family with me, Matilda and Henry all celebrating birthdays in the next 2 months not to mention 4 other family birthdays!

Henry has decided that 5am is the new 6am which has led to caffeine being a precious commodity in our house. Him and Matilda are also slowly starting to learn to play properly together and have hilarious chats with each other in what often sounds like a different language.

Matilda has been constantly hungry and comes wandering up to you at least every 30 minutes asking when lunch is or moaning that she’s hungry. Can only assume she’s having a growth spurt as despite all that eating there still isn’t even a millimetre of fat on her. I’m sure one day all that food will have kicked in and she’ll wake up 6 inches taller.

dear beautiful


  1. Gorgeous. Let them run free – it’s Spring!

  2. Lovely family photo. I’m glad you are feeling better, everyone seems to have had a cold in March. Booo.
    Good luck with your marathon!

  3. Arlo is much the same with the constant hunger – it’s a wonder as the boy is eating so much at the moment!

    I’m loving your Me and Mine photos, your children are such a mix of the both of you.

  4. Sarah @apartyofseven

    April 2, 2014 at 11:21 am

    ah how big is Henry getting now? wow! My kids eat ALL the time it seems. My oldest boy tells me sometimes that he goes to bed thinking about breakfast!

  5. Awww, I love this photo (and the fact that it followed a lovely Mother’s Day together.) My husband was only saying the other day that my Birkenstock collection is ridiculous, and little does he know I’m planning a couple of new additions for this year. x

  6. Aw this is a gorgeous picture, you all look really happy bar your boy who looks like my biggest girl does when I take photos of her. 😉

  7. Gorgeous family photo! Congratulations also! Your photos will soon be of 5. 🙂

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