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Wildlife at the window

I cleaned my windows on Saturday. This may not seem like a fact you need to know but trust me it’s important. You see I’ve always been a bit fascinated with the wildlife we can find in our gardens and in an effort to share this fascination with my children I’ve installed feeders in the garden in strategic locations.

Matilda, Henry and I eat breakfast together every morning while the lady of the manor has a shower. We get lots of birds and a couple of cheeky squirrels in our garden but never that close to the window. Until that is I made (yes made with my own bare hands) a bird table and hung a feeder off the end of our extension. Now we can see the birds feeding close up and have enticed the squirrels to come and try to steal food off the bird table.

Combine that with my now gleaming windows (told you it was important) and you can now see these fabulous creatures in ┬átheir full glory. It’s like getting a high definition TV for the first time and watching a blue ray movie on it. Once you’ve seen it you can never go back to dull, dirty normal definition.

Plus the children are now sufficiently entertained to actually sit in their seats for more than a minute which increases my chance of actually getting them to eat something and not begin arguing over whose turn it is to go on the trucker (and of course me time to take a photo or 2).

Sparrow on feeder

Sparrows on feeder

Grey squirrel eating on bird table

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  1. I really wish we could set up something like this in our garden without feeling like we’re luring in prey for our cats! Great fun for Matilda and Henry!

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