Mutterings of a Fool

Man, Dad, Runner, Chief dog walker

A boy and his tutu

Henry: Daddy? 

Me: Yes buddy

Henry: *points at tutu* me like. Fun.

There you have it, tutu’s summed up perfectly in 3 simple words. My little boy is growing up, he’s becoming a complete chatterbox and even more of an adventurer (hence the bruise). But he also thinks running around wearing a tutu is the best thing ever and I love him for that.

Such a smiley boy with the cheekiest of grins and always asking for ‘cuggles’. Who can say no to those cheeky chops? Even if what he really wants is for you to take him down the garden to look at the cows in the field. He has my temperament; generally happy and easy going but oh so stubborn, there is no bargaining with him at meal times to eat things.

Now I wonder if they make adult sized tutu’s…..

Henry in a tutu

Henry smiling outside play house

Henry in swing

Henry watching the cows

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  1. Ha! Good lad! Nowt wrong with wearing a tutu. Getting up at silly o’clock when away overnight at a blogging conference and running miles and miles though… 😉

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