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A brand new start

“I’m gonna clear out my head
I’m gonna get myself straight
I know it’s never too late
To make a brand new start”

The lyrics from one of my favourite songs sung by definitely my favourite musician; Paul Weller and Brand new start. Sums up quite well how I’m feeling about this little old blog right now. Feels like 2013 was a year where I swung between feeling completely inspired by my blog and knew exactly what I wanted to write to feeling generally bored with the whole thing and not sure when I’ll write the next post again.

I haven’t blogged much at all for the past few weeks, no particular reason it just felt like the right thing to do. But I have been thinking about it a lot. I still love writing and blogging is the medium to do that for the most part, but after 3 years of writing this blog I think it’s time to consciously evolve it a little. Much like Paul Weller has reinvented himself (see what I did there?) it’s time for me to do the same.

In reality it’s nothing revolutionary or dramatic but more can be summed up in one simple sentence:

Write about the things that inspire you.

2 toddlers in a bike trailerSomething I think I do on the most part but there are some specific decisions attached to this. First no more sponsored posts; I really didn’t do many anyway but whenever I did it felt like a little bit of my blogging soul died and for the money it brings in it’s just not worth it so they’re gone. Reviews can stay but I’m going to get even more picky about the ones I do so that they are really worth the time and effort.

Second I want to capture more of Matilda and Henry growing up, that was the whole point of starting this blog after all and I think I’ve lost a little of that. So more posts like this one that capture a moment in time that will be amazing to remember. I don’t want it to become like one of those dreadful Christmas letters listing every single event or achievement but I do want to capture a few more of the little milestones.

Matilda and Henry readingThird, more books, I love love love reading books with the children and also seeing them read them themselves. We are rapidly needing more bookshelf space but getting them involved in books is a big passion of mine so expect to see even more of them on here.

Fourth and finally the outdoors, the outdoors is what makes me happy. It’s what makes the children happy and it’s certainly what makes Bracken happy. Given that it’s also likely to make the Lady of the Manor happy! Our regular afternoon thing at the moment when we’re fed up with a day indoors is to chuck the kids into their wet weather gear and head out for a tramp around our little street.

Matilda walking close to homeWe’re blessed with our location in the countryside so we don’t have to go far to find some puddles or cows and you can guarantee that 30 minutes later we’re all a lot happier. So expect to see more posts about our mini (and maybe not so mini) adventures.

I might even take the brand new start theme a little further and give this piece of the internet a fresh new look to go with my new blogging mantra.

With that I will thank you for reading my mutterings in 2013 and hope you will come back again in 2014 to share in some of the things that inspire me.


  1. Great little post, I feel the same. 2014 is all about getting back to blogging basics…the reason a lot of us got into blogging and that’s for our children

    • Exactly, maybe it’s just part of the life cycle of being a blogger? Just over 3 years now so inevitable that your priorities change etc

  2. I’m with you there. I’m considering shitting mine down all together as I just don’t want to write about parenting any more.

    • maybe start another one and keep the parenting one going but just fewer updates? Depends what you want from it

      • Not sure I want anything from it now. It was a place for me to vent and explore parenting. I know people don’t really want to read about Olivia or Emily learning some new skill and I’m quite happy not to write about it. I don’t want to feel I have to post mediocre content just to keep it going. It may have just run it’s course.

  3. brinabird and son

    January 1, 2014 at 11:44 pm

    Glad you are hanging about and evolving! all the best for 2014.

  4. good luck with them all, happy new year

  5. Those all sound like good plans. Looking forward to reading about the books, especially.

  6. Great stuff! Look forward to reading more about your girls 🙂 Happy New Year! Btw, I’ve sent you an email regarding Chat with Dads. Would appreciate an email back when you’re free. Thanks 🙂

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