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Swimming with the fishes

Paddling at NairnWe recently had a problem with our heating system that meant there was a steady dripping of water out of a pipe on the side of the house. It took almost 3 weeks to coax a plumber to actually come out and take a look which is not only frustrating but also resulted in some very wet children.

You see Henry loves water and given the opportunity he would run round to the side of the house and you’d find him stood directly under the drip with a big smile on his face. Not caring in the least that those clothes and jacket we’d fought him to put on are now completely soaked. Then he’d shout at you WATER and start splashing around in the puddles on the floor until you dragged him away.

Matilda is similarly fish like and during our weekend trips to the local pool has started trying to figure out how to swim underwater. This love of water extends to pretty much all forms from the tiniest Scottish highlands stream to splash in right through to large lakes where they can feed the ducks. From jumping in puddles down the lane to throwing stones into a big river, if it’s wet they’re happy. Something they may well have inherited from their dad who has spent many a happy afternoon on the banks of a lake or river fishing and as a teenager could often be seen disappearing across a lake on a windsurfer.

Matilda also had the unique experience of having been in a hot spring for her first ever swim while we were in New Zealand when she was 6 months old (you can read all about that adventure here). Quite a stunning location for a swim and beautifully warm.

So it may come as no surprise that our holiday planning for next year revolve somewhat around water. I guess they may be a little young yet to go on a kayaking adventure with (sea kayaking with whales near Vancouver is on the bucket list) but we can certainly start introducing them to the sea and also go on some form of boat. Maybe a sailing boat for a cruise around some islands? Although I might be a little scared Henry would try to jump overboard. I bet they’d both enjoy some body boarding in some shallow water too, even better if the waters warm.

I’d love to say we plan to take them for a cultural experience and to see some of the world, but quite honestly that can wait. At their age they don’t care about history or culture, give them some of the activities above, a steady supply of snacks, the occasional ice cream and then a nice comfy bed to cosy up for a story at bed time and they’re happy. Then repeat again the next day but maybe with a milkshake instead of an ice cream. What am I talking about, AS WELL AS an ice cream!

What do you think? Perfect toddler holiday?

I’m submitting this post to Mark Warner in the hope that they pick me to be a #markwarnerdad for 2014, I think we’d be the perfect family to test out one of their holidays. We’re most definitely active and love nothing more than spending a day outside getting wet and dirty. Matilda and Henry are of course incredibly photogenic and always smiling which is of course what you want to see when reading about a holiday. Finally I became a (self nominated) travel reporter for a few weeks and blogged our way around New Zealand in 2011 as we explored that amazing country in camper van with a 6 month old baby, if that doesn’t make me a good candidate I don’t know what will!

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