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Matilda’s book reviews – Little Robin’s Christmas

My favourite thing about reading this book is getting to this page:

 Little Robins christmas inside

What you can see on this page is a hedgehog and I have no doubt this is exactly what the artist wanted you to see. However when you are 18 months old and called Henry what you see is a Gruffalo. And when you see a Gruffalo you of course also have to do you very best ‘growl like a Gruffalo’ impression. Which of course sounds much like a baby lion trying to growl, definitely more cute than scary.

It’s hard reading when you’re laughing your head off I can tell you.

Little Robins christmas coverI really quite like this book though, it’s a cute little story about a robin who has 6 vests and gives them away one by one to other animals that need them. Then when he’s got none left and is all cold that fine fellow Father Christmas turns up, whisks him off to Lapland and gives him his very own red vest. All with beautiful illustrations making it perfect to get you and the little ones into the Christmas mood and not a single mention of TV ad’s or special lorries turning up in towns.

Matilda of course loves it, although she does give Henry a disapproving look with his Gruffalo impression “it’s a hedgehog Henry, a Hedgehog, silly Henry”. She also makes sure to point out the moon on one of the pages and not just any moon “a crescent moon daddy”, where does this stuff come from?!

We haven’t got any other books by Jan Fearnley in our collection so I’m off to have a look now at what else she’s written. If anyone has any recommendations for books by her or similar ones then do please let me know.

Disclosure: I was sent this book free of charge but as you can see the opinions here are clearly my own

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  1. Wait til you get to ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas’…

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