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No don’t climb on that

Henry sat on tableHenry is a climber.

He is a talented climber.

In fact I think if you put him in front of a climbing wall he would quite happily climb to the top with no ropes giggling and laughing to himself as he did it, occasionally turning around to check that we are watching him.

We first discovered his talents for climbing when we found him sitting on the windowsill in the lounge having climbed onto the sofa, then onto the coffee table and finally onto the windowsill.

We were alerted to the fact that he had done this because he had climbed up there to reach the base unit for the phones and was pressing the button that calls the other phones so you know where they are.This, apparently, was hilarious. We took him off the windowsill and told him that it was dangerous, he simply looked at us and said MORE.

He also figured out a few months ago that he had enough upper body strength to pull himself onto the toilet seat, from where he could stand up and push the flush button to his heart’s content. Climbing and water, his 2 most favourite things. Perhaps he’ll be a mountaineer when he’s older? Or maybe an extreme fisherman?

toddler walks

He’s at that dangerous age where he’s mobile and physically strong but doesn’t yet have any concept of danger. He just runs around with this big grin on his face looking for trouble like a marauding pirate. If he does happen to bump his head or hurt himself he comes running over has a big hug and a kiss it better before disappearing off again.

Matilda was never like this, she’s always been active but never really climbed and was more interested in reading a book or trying to unlock our phones than clambering on things. Now however she can be the ring leader, encouraging Henry to do things she knows are naughty and then of course running to tell us as soon as Henry has done what she suggested.

Anyone else have a boy like this? It’s going to get worse when he’s a teenager isn’t it?


  1. Yes, sorry. Harry is a similar age to Matilda I think (3.5 yrs) and pretty much started climbing as soon as he could. He hasn’t stopped and still doesn’t have any fear, he has tried the climbing wall at the local playground. Despite it being the big kids section, in fact it was the first thing he did try!

  2. Love it 🙂 Olivia wasn’t like that when she was younger (she is now) but our friends son was. He was scaling his high chair before he was even a stable walker. Scary stuff.

  3. Oh I had a boy like that, he is now an adorable but slightly manic seven year old. Good luck x

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