Two things changed in our bed time routine when we were on holiday in Scotland; first Matilda and Henry became obsessed with this nativity book which has bits you can touch and feel like furry sheep and secondly we started all sitting on one bed to read a bed time story.

Usbourne touchy feely nativity

We’ve been doing bed time all together for a while now but perched on a chair and a stool in Matilda’s room which isn’t so comfortable. But in Scotland there was a double bed in the room Henry was sleeping in so we started sitting on that and it was just lovely.

The lady of the manor and I sat at either end with 2 little monkeys wrapped up in their grobags between us (orĀ on top of us of course). We’d get all snuggled up with some cushions and the duvet before reading the 2 books for that evening. The babies drank their cups of milk and then blew kisses to everyone as we took them off to their cots.

Now we’re back home we’ve carried on the same routine except using our bedroom, which actually is quite nice because it’s neutral territory and being a king bed has lots of room! We all read together on there and we take a baby each into their room for a quick cuddle before it’s sleep time.

Now for those of you that don’t know this story it’s about a little baby who is born in a barn and as happens today lots of people pop over and give him some presents. Which if you’re a parent you’ll know means you’ll get a bunch of white clothes that’ll probably only fit for a week and will never be white again. Plus you’ll now have enough gift bags to keep you supplied even if every person you know has a baby in the next year.

Usbourne touchy feely nativity

Matilda and Henry certainly seem to like it, they love touching all the different textures and as there aren’t that many words to read I then use it as an opportunity to test out their vocabulary of farm animal noises. Matilda does always take time to point out to me the one solitary sheep in the whole book that isn’t furry. It seems to offend her for some reason, not entirely sure why and why it surprises her every time we read it that it hasn’t changed.

I do actually quite like this book, it amuses me that Matilda and Henry have no idea of what this story is really about and how important it is to many people. They just like the fact that there is a baby and some animals. But it is well written and as we approach Christmas is a nice way to start to explain to them what Christians believe that time of year is about. I may not be religious but I don’t want that to prejudice them against religion or understanding what people believe in.

However I may just hide it away with the Christmas decorations once we’re past December 25th, there are only so many times you can read a book.