Disclosure: I was sent this product free of charge, all words and opinions are my own.

When something claims to be the worlds loudest/biggest/best my first reaction is cynical “yeah yeah whatever great marketing talk”, then scientific “ok then, prove it” if it’s really is the loudest/biggest/best then no doubt you have a scientific study to prove. I’m sure in most cases there is some small print somewhere like you get on cosmetics saying that 11 people were surveyed and they agreed.

Hornet bike hornBut I can tell you that this bike horn is LOUD and that’s coming from a dad to 2 toddlers who think that screaming at the top of their voices is the funniest thing ever.

Actually they think screaming at the top of their voices is the second funniest thing ever, the funniest thing ever is telling daddy AGAIN when he pushes the button to sound this horn. Hilarious apparently. Now I don’t mind doing this when on a bike ride in the middle of the Scottish Highlands with only the squirrels and deer to to annoy but not so sure about a peaceful English village.

The horn is incredibly easy to install on your bike, you just put the bracket over you handlebars and then use the key to tighten it down. It has a button that you fix close to where your hands sit on the handlebar so that whenever you need to sound the horn it’s in easy reach. There are 2 different sounds you can choose by simply pushing a small button on the back of the horn.

This horn may be less romantic sounding than a traditional bike bell but I can imagine that if you cycle in traffic a lot or in noisier areas it would be a lot more effective. Plus with the increasing amount of people walking dogs etc on tow paths and cycle paths wearing headphones it’ll be perfect for making them jump and get out the way.

So thumbs up from the kids and recommended if you want to scare the bejesus out of people as you cycle up behind them.