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The real monarch of the glen

Scotland is actually the whole reason why I own an English Springer Spaniel called Bracken. As a child we spent quite a few summer holidays in the beautiful Perthshire countryside visiting our family there and you’ll never guess what pet they had? An awesome cocker spaniel called Bracken who was gun dog trained and fabulous.

Ever since that moment I’ve wanted to own a spaniel and call him Bracken, I love the personality of spaniels and how expressive their faces are. I also of course love that he can be my running partner and will go for as many miles as you want.

It was therefore only fitting that when we were in Scotland for our holiday that I got a few snaps of Bracken back in his natural environment so to speak. We found one of those fabulous pebbly ‘beaches’ that are formed on highland rivers on a big sweeping bend with golden water no more than thigh deep all the way across.

I must have spent 40 minutes throwing sticks and stones into the water for him to chase and he’d probably have done it for the rest of the day if I’d let him.

So here he is, the real monarch of the glen.













  1. Sarah @apartyofseven

    September 29, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    ah he is gorgeous pup. Im a bit jealous as well as our mutt isnt keen on running at all!!

  2. He looks so happy messing about in the water.

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