Ever one to be a trend setter I’d like to declare man teething as the new man flu. Last week one of my wisdom teeth has been on the move and it has been hurting like hell. There are 2 reasons for this; firstly being very wise my wisdom teeth are clearly bigger than average so hurt more when coming through and secondly as a big tough man I have big tough gums which are hard to break through.

All this combined has seen me moaning a teeny tiny bit, making sure to mention at least once an hour that my mouth is indeed still hurting. Meal times are of course a prime opportunity to push my case even further by declining hard food ‘because my tooth still aches’.

With all this threatening to ruin my holiday I had a brainwave, the advantage of having 2 small children is we of course travel everywhere with a small chemists worth of drugs and teething remedies. Having seen first hand what has helped Henry in the last few months I reached straight for the Ambesol. A dab of it on my finger and then a quick rub of the offending gum was all was needed.

It was like I had been touched by angels.

Amazing powerful pain relieving angels.

Now I know exactly why Henry loves that stuff so much, honestly you should give it a go. It’s like when you get injected by the dentist before having a tooth out, except no needles and you don’t start dribbling down your chin an hour later.

You do have to put up with some funny looks though as you take a small bottle from your pocket, and start rubbing your gum with the contents. A top tip would be to avoid doing it in the gents toilet unless you want to have a conversation with a friendly policeman.

So there you have it, you heard it here first, if you’re suffering from man toothache you should reach for the Ambesol. Cures toothache and saves holidays.

P.S. Just to be clear this isn’t a sponsored post, although if they want to send me a few bottles of the magic liquid I wouldn’t say no.