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Where’s my home gone?

It’s the first night in our holiday cottage, the drive up to Scotland the previous night had gone well if you ignore the fact the kids stayed awake for the first 100 miles and we were just doing our normal bedtime routine.

All going well so far, Matilda and Henry are knackered after a long day and all the excitement of a new house. We read stories together and then I took Matilda through to her room and give her a cuddle. Just as I’m putting her into her cot she utters the question for the first time.

Where’s my home gone?

I’m a little stumped, it’s obvious isn’t it? It’s where it’s always is and we’re just here on holiday. But apparently not in the mind of a toddler. I never considered that she wouldn’t ‘get’ the concept of holiday and then as I tried to explain what it is I could hear myself talking and knew it wasn’t making sense to her.

I reassured her that we would definitely be going back to her little house again, (and her garden and her cot and her high chair). But there was no way this was the end of it.

And so we had to answer that question at least once a day, each time the same worry in her voice. We offered to to send postcards home to her house and also our neighbours who are watching the house for us. This seemed to make her happier, that someone was watching it and we could send post to it.

She’s such a funny little thing, such a home girl, loves all her own things and makes sure we take them with us. She’s at her most happiest at home, playing in the garden with her pushchair and collection of bags. I love that she will happily sit and play by herself, really not needing prompting but it does also make it hard when we want to do trips out.

Anyone else have a toddler like this? Are we destined to carry a blanket and bunny everywhere we go for the next  5 years?

Matilda reading


  1. She is a wee cracker and it’s testament to you and Alex for making her feel so safe and secure at home I guess.

    Olivia needs her muslin when she is out. If something new or scary happens, there’s something tree that she knows and that makes her feel safe. No point trying to break it – she will break it herself when she is ready. I hope!

  2. Oh bless her. The Bug is similar, to the extent that he never wants to go out! Everywhere we go we have to bribe him – he’d be totally happy just pottering in his room 24/7

  3. That is so sweet, I wonder if having moved house fairly recently made her wonder if you’d go back?

  4. Awww what a sweetie! I think it’s lovely that she’s so happy in her familiar surroundings. There’s plenty of time for holiday fun 🙂

  5. It must be confusing for them, mustn’t it? I’ve never been brave enough to take my two away anywhere overnight – Christmas will be interesting! 😉

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