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Review; Tonka Town Fire Station

Opening the Tonka Town Fire Station

Henry and Matilda and obsessed with nee nars, I brought some pyjamas back from my last work trip to Oregon and Henry’s had a fire engine on them. Matilda demanded to wear them rather than her owl ones, the fact that they are now the same size averted that crisis.

So I was fairly certain that this fire station was going to be a big hit, but what I didn’t expect was the loud ooooo’s and even a WOW when I opened the package in front of them. To say they were excited was an understatement and they then spent the next 30 minutes playing quite happily together pushing the various buttons and zooming the fire truck.

Ultimately it’s a reasonably simple toy with not too many moving parts; the doors open and shut and there are a couple of buttons to press to make siren noises but that’s perfect. It means nothing to break and allows the child to use their imagination when playing with it. Playing with the Tonka Town Fire Station

I like that both the fire station and the fire engine are robust and have so far put up with being ‘played’ with by a rough and tumble little toddling boy who is anything but gentle. However I would point out that the box says 3 years plus, the only thing to be wary of with younger children is that the fireman’s hands and feet pull off. This I found out when I spotted Henry chewing them so the fireman was swiftly removed.

However that aside a big thumbs up for the Tonka Town Fire Station from both me and the monsters who have continued to play with it every day even once the newness excitement has worn off. We may even buy another of the fire engines which you can buy separately so that they have one each. Probably not the bigger one that makes noise though, there is only so much electronic sirens you can take in a day.

The Tonka Town Fire Station costs £39.99, there are also other toys in the range like a jail play set plus the associated vehicles which can be bought on their own for around £14.99.
Playing with the Fire Engine

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  1. I love toys like those – lucky littles, brilliant fun

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