No this isn’t a review of a long lost ABBA song, Zalando is in fact a rather nifty website and apparently the UK’s largest online wardrobe. Now my first reaction when this review opportunity dropped into my inbox was to see if the website also sold cycling clothing. You see I am not a shopping fan at all, in fact if I need new clothes I generally send the lady of the manor to buy things for me. There is one exception to that though and that’s buying sports gear. If I need new running or cycling clothing I will happily spend hours in a shop.

Zalando 2So as a result I very kindly let the lady of the manor test out Zalando and buy some clothes herself. Apparently she ‘has nothing to wear’ and ‘all my clothes are now too big’ which is strange given that her wardrobe is so full you can barely get the door shut. But I’ll take her word for it.

Now I will say from the start that she has really tested out the service from Zalando because of course most of the first order was returned as she didn’t like them and so we now know how the returns process works as well! Thankfully Zalando offers free delivery and returns as I’m not even sure we’ll be keeping the second order.

Zalando 1

From start to finish it has been an excellent experience, the site is incredibly easy to navigate and has a great clean look to it. The menus are clear and logical and you don’t have to spend hours hunting for what you want like on many sites.

I love that once you choose the category you want it gives you lots of options to filter the results. Both in terms of basic things like size, price and brand which sit on the top of the page but also in the sidebar you can click on the colour you want from little boxes of colour. Plus material, pattern and then specific options like collar type for shirts. This really gets you to the options that meet you needs and saves scrolling through many pages.

So what did she buy (the second time)? Well for the £100 we were given to spend she got a Noa Noa skirt (which apparently is good), a vest top, some Pier one shoes and a belt. I’m actually quite impressed that she didn’t just buy a single pair of shoes, a whole outfit for that much is sensible shopping.

The key question of course is will we use Zalando again? Absolutely, the site is a pleasure to use and service has been great both in terms of delivery and returns. Oh and in case you wondered they also have a good range of cycling clothing which may be making an appearance in my wardrobe someday soon.