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A boy and his bunny

This is a story about a little boy.

A little boy looking for love, searching for that special connection. It was a search that seemed to last a lifetime, suitors came and went but none captured his heart. The spark wasn’t there so he went on searching.

Then one day a chance encounter, their 2 paths crossed through a twist of fate. It was love at first sight, his heart beating fast when he spotted bunny in the pile of toys.

Here was the one.

The one to spend every second of every day with, the one who pulled at his heart when they weren’t together, the only one he’ll ever share his milk with. The heartache was over, no longer did he have to sit watching jealously as his sister played with her bunny, now he too would always have a friend to share his thoughts and secrets with.

The boy had found his bunny.

Henry and his bunny

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  1. Now he too would have someone to chew. 🙂

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