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My nan’s Gooseberry jam recipe

I am tremendously excited to have only my 2nd ever guest post to share with you and it’s from my nan! My uncle (her son) and I chat a fair amount via G+, it’s such a great way to share photos etc but limit who can see them. This week he posted a photo of her sat in the garden topping and tailing gooseberries ready for jam so I asked if she’d share her recipe with me.

So here it is, my nan’s first ever blog post, not bad for someone who’s almost 90 years young. Would love it if you can comment and share and welcome her into this wonderful world of blogging. You never know she might be the new Mary Berry?

Gooseberry jam finished and in jars

The recipe is very simple and one I’ve been following for years, stick to the instructions and you’ll have perfect jam every time.

1) Top & Tail the fruit (scrape off the bits you don’t want)
2) Wash the fruit
3) Prepare jars – wash thoroughly and dry with clean paper towel. Good idea to also fill with baby sterilizer solution and rinse.
4) Put fruit in saucepan. Add 4 tablespoons water per lb. weight if fruit is ripe. If fruit under-ripe add 1/2 pint water per lb. weight.
5) Bring to boil and stew fruit slowly until fruit is mushy. Time probably 30 minutes.
6) Add 1 lb ordinary granulated sugar per lb of ripe fruit.
Note if fruit is under-ripe add extra 1/4 lb of sugar per lb of fruit.
Keep stirring until sugar is completely dissolved.
7) When sugar is dissolved, boil the jam rapidly without stirring.
8) When mixture has thickened like soup (not watery), after 10 to 20 minutes, test to see if ready.
8) Test by placing a little of the jam on a cold saucer. It should solidify quickly and not run easily.
9) When done, move off heat and allow to cool down for 15 minutes.
10) Prepare the clean sterilized jars by warming in the oven on lowest setting for 10 minutes.
11) Carefully ladle or pour the jam into the jars, leaving a gap of 1/4 inch to the top ( 7mm ).
12) Put the tops on the jars, but don’t tighten excessively! Leave to cool down and clean up all the spills with a damp cloth!
13) Leave for a day or two before enjoying!

Nan topping and tailing gooseberries


  1. I think you should win husband, father and grandson of the year award. Truly. In awe.

  2. Your Nan looks lovely! Will be trying this recipe, Thanks for sharing!

  3. Well,your recipe seems very easy so will have a go as we have picked our red gooseberries,they are looking at me as if to say ‘I DARE YOU’your NAN looks lovely xx

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