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A toddler teepee

This ladies and gentlemen is a momentous moment in the lives of my children; I give you their first ever teepee (and also I think the first one I’ve ever built, certainly the only one I’ve built on my own). A magnificent structure I’m sure you’ll agree.

first teepee

A milestone that appears to disappointingly be missing from baby books but important nonetheless. What child can resist the allure of their own little house in the garden that has seemingly appeared out of nowhere while they were asleep? Within seconds they will be running in and out of it laughing their heads off at this wonderful new structure that is the perfect toddler size.

Henry in teepeeI have fond memories of my mum building them in our garden during the summer, of eating our lunches squeezed in with my brothers and sister or just sitting a reading a book.

There is something quite magical about creating a teepee from just some garden canes and an old duvet cover. I love the simplicity and of course how it inspires a child to use their imagination when playing in it.

So yesterday when I suddenly remembered about teepee’s I rushed outside and cobbled this together from some garden canes we had lying around, a bit of string, a few pegs and an old duvet cover.

A duvet cover incidentally that the lady of the manor’s nan made for herself when she first got married and then subsequently got handed on to her daughter and then to the lady of the manor. I love that we are now using it in this way rather than just throwing it out and that Henry and Matilda are enjoying playing with it.

Alex, Henry and Matilda in teepeeI may well have peaked in my craft activities and live off this one activity for some time, but it has definitely been worth it this weekend seeing them play in it. The first thing Matilda did was empty out all the stuff she collects like a magpie in her pushchair and put it in the teepee.

Which was actually quite useful as I discovered exactly where our spare garage key and old mobile phone had gone! As soon as she got up today she asked where her tent had gone and made me put the duvet cover back on, clearly a winning activity.


  1. sabrina montagnoli

    July 21, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    Awesome! Teepees are a great idea and another reason I HATE not having a garden! We might have to compromise and do some den building at home. You should link up to #countrykids…great way to promote getting the kiddies outdoors whatever the weather. A great way to keep them cool in the hot sunshine!

  2. Sarah @apartyofseven

    July 21, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    I love this! cant beat a good teepee!

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