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Review – Ergobaby Stowaway carrier

This is a review post, I was sent the Ergobaby Stowaway carrier on loan to review, however all words and opinions here are my own.

I really like the idea of baby carriers in all their many forms, carrying my children from baby until toddler is not only practical it’s also perfect bonding time. The one time that they can’t wriggle away from you, not that they tend to try as they do seem rather contented being carried in that way. As a dad those occasions are few and far between so I’ll take them whenever I can and have to admit to enjoying the smiles you get as you walk around with a baby strapped to your chest.

However despite wanting to carry Matilda and Henry in this way I haven’t yet found a carrier that I truly get on with. We’ve tried a few, certainly not all styles by any means but enough to be a little dispirited.

We’re also now getting to the point with Matilda and Henry when we need to use the carriers a bit differently. Matilda is of course walking a lot more when we go out but there is no way she’ll do a full day. Henry isn’t walking but also isn’t such a fan of spending lots of time in the push chair as he wants to be involved a bit more rather than sat down.

Henry on back in ErgoAll this leads to the email I received a month ago offering an Ergobaby Stowaway carrier on loan to review. Normally I’m reluctant to do a review where I need to give the product back, but it seemed like the perfect opportunity to test another carrier out. Especially as we had 2 day outs planned; first to Legoland for the MAD blog awards trip and second to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham for a review.

Both are occasions where carrying one or other baby would be needed and with the carrier designed to be for occasional use in these type of situations rather than an everyday carrier it seemed perfect. We do actually have an original Ergobaby of our own so were intrigued to see how different they were.

We actually found the softer, less structured and padded material of the Stowaway easier to use as the straps are more flexible and you can pull them into position easier. It’s also incredibly light as a result meaning you barely notice wearing it. Useful when you are carrying a 2 year old toddler rather than a baby.

Henry on hip in Ergo Stowaway

One feature I love on the Ergo carriers is the hood you can pull up if your child falls asleep, however for some reason on this carrier the press studs to attach it didn’t allow you to get the hood quite tight enough. This means that when Henry fell asleep his head did droop more than I would have liked.

I loved how compact the carrier is when folded down and that it folds into the pocket on the carrier so you have an inbuilt carry case. We got into the habit of throwing it in the car or bottom of the pushchair when we went out so it was there if we needed it. Being small and light it doesn’t take up much room but always comes in handy.

We used it to carry both Matilda and Henry, we had them  on our backs and then at the Sealife Centre I tried out having Henry on my hip which I found really comfy and meant I could chat to him as we went around. We did have to watch the YouTube video to see how to do it though!

All in all a great carrier, with the minor complaint about the hood. If you want a carrier to keep with you in case you need it this is perfect, in particular for that transition period from baby to toddler.


  1. Looks good! On an off-on-a-tangent note, I’ve been to the Brighton Sea Life Centre for a review too. Hope you didn’t have the same toddler meltdown that we did afterwards!

  2. kath knitty mummy

    July 15, 2013 at 7:38 am

    I loved my ergo and it was much cheaper than buying a double buggy, if my 2 year old got tired I could pop her on my back or the baby on my front and give her the pushchair. I always carried it around under the pushchair so one that folded up that small would have been even better.

  3. Ooo love our Ergo, as you know, but didn’t realise they did this version. It would be useful to be able to throw it under the pram as you say. Great review, thanks.

  4. Old discussion I know, but would you say this ergo-version is as ergonomic for the back as the “original” version?

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