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Frustrated is the best way to describe how Henry feels at the moment. That awkward age when he can’t quite walk or talk yet clearly has a good deal to tell us.

Frustrated that we won’t walk round and round the house holding his hands so he can walk.

Frustrated that he can’t yet keep up with Matilda as she flies around the house.

Frustrated that simply by pointing and saying ‘der’ we don’t immediately know what he wants.

Frustrated, frustrated, frustrated.

And how do I know that he’s frustrated? Temper tantrums of course, you know the ones, I’m sure there must be some secret classes babies go to to learn these things. It probably teaches a very simple 3 step strategy;

  1. Throw body face down on floor
  2. Lift arms and legs so you look like you are sky diving and scream.
  3. Lift head to check parents have noticed.

But what can you do other than try to stay calm, ignore the tantrum and find something to distract him? I find a book or one of Matilda’s little bags are most effective. He seems to quite enjoy getting her things when she’s not looking and then taunting her with it. Can’t blame him really it’s not without provocation from her, no doubt just the start of the sibling rivalry.

The sooner he figures out walking the better, Matilda was 14 months when she started so we’re hopefully only a month or so away from it now. Then they can both run around the house like crazy things leaving me to enjoy my cup of coffee. I’m sure there won’t be any arguments, or tears, or fighting, or falling over.

Still he’s a handsome chap isn’t he? Who could stay cross with that face?

Henry on trucker

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  1. They do make it hard to stay cross with them don’t they?!

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