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Wednesday’s are the craziest mornings of the week. The day that I have to get both babies up and out of the house by 7.15am to go to the childminders. I get the feeling that Matilda likes to use these opportunities when the lady of the manor isn’t around to test me. She pushes a few buttons to see if she can get a reaction. You have to stay strong, don’t show your weakness. Not easy when the conversation goes something like this.

Matilda – more crunchy nuts mummy

Me – you mean more crunchy nuts DADDY

Matilda – toast mummy

Me – can I have some toast DADDY

Matilda – Mummy, read a book

Me – Daddy, DADDY read a book

She knows, don’t let the innocent face confuse you, she knows exactly what she’s doing. She know’s that it winds me up that she forgets my name and would rather be with mummy. But it didn’t stop there, I herded them both into the car and we set off. All was quiet to begin with, happily looking out of the window and then a little voice perked up.

Matilda – Tilda is a big girl

Me – yes, that’s right and what’s Henry?

Matilda – Enry is a boy

Me – clever girl, what about Daddy? Is he a boy or a girl?

Matilda – Daddy is a big girl!

And there we have it, 2 years old and already taking the piss out of her dad. But don’t worry little girl, daddy’s got lots of photos of you rudey nudey filed away and ready for a slide show when I give me father of the bride speech.

Butter wouldn't melt eh?

Butter wouldn’t melt eh?


  1. Haha! Thanks for making me laugh this morn Ben, I love that you’re storing up all your revenge for her wedding day too ;D

  2. MiddleAgedMatron

    June 12, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    She sounds (and looks) disconcertingly bright. My daughter, when wee, asked why her daddy wore a dress. One of the embarrassments of being a vicar’s child!

  3. sabrina montagnoli

    June 12, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    They are so lucky they are cute. My wee man knows how to wind us up for sure! You have to love their ingenuity sometimes.

  4. Paul Wandason

    June 14, 2013 at 8:18 am

    Very sweet! 🙂 Apparently it’s quite normal for children to prefer one parent over another for certain tasks. It’s really upsetting at times, but give it a week or two and they’ll change their mind!

    Why is it that children are slowest eating on the mornings to take them to childcare? They just KNOW, don’t they!

    • I always think I’m on track when taking them to childcare but then it seems to take 20 mins to get them dressed and out the door!

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