Henry has just reached the stage when he likes nothing more than climbing. Climbing because it’s fun without any real concept of what falling means. This means the sofa, high chair, slide in the garden and of course the stairs.

We have a stair gate that stops him getting into the hallway where the stairs are, but if we go through there to get ready to go out he spots his opportunity and stealth baby is gone quick as a flash. It’s that moment as a parent when you feel like you are herding cats, never easy.

But it is only a matter of time before he does escape and we end up with a baby slipping back down a wooden staircase. So when Dream Baby offered me a stair gate to review I barely hesitated before replying, especially when I saw they had some extra wide ones available. So it was I took delivery of a Dreambaby® hallway gate 1m high a couple of weeks ago.

The challenge with our stairs is that they’re wide at 1.1m so not many stair gates will fit them. Plus the floor space in front of the stairs isn’t big enough to allow a gate hinged at the wall to open properly. The gate we plumped for is plenty wide enough (and you can get extensions to make it even bigger) and it’s really high so no chance of any toddler climbing over it, or the dog for that matter.

Finally only the middle part of the gate opens so it solves the issue of space and with it self closing means when your hands are full of wriggling baby you don’t have to worry about that task.

To show you it in action and to prove that I really am a ‘man about the house’ I made a little video of me installing it. Enjoy.

If you want more information or to have a look at the stair gates and other safety equipment you can check out the Dream Baby website here.