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England – the home of the weird tradition

Scarecrow on lamppostWe have some weird traditions in this country don’t we? Where else can you go to a historic village like Lacock that is part owned by the National Trust to look at weird scarecrows?

Weird scarecrows hanging from posts, attached to walls and in gardens. Weird scarecrows that didn’t alway look like anything in particular and the ones that did were, well, a bit creepy. ┬áIf anyone knows what the historic significance of these displays is I’d love to know but it sure seems like a weird ‘family friendly’ day out.

Come on kids, lets go walk around a village and find some good material to give you nightmares.

But there was strong coffee. And almond croissants. Oh and beautifully sunny skies. We took a picnic and sat on the grass with some NCT friends to eat it. The kids of course mainly ate each others picnic, they’ve certainly learnt the concept of sharing quickly, even if it’s sharing someone else’s things rather than their own.

All topped off with a large ice cream. Awesome.

If anyone can top this for a weird traditional family day out I’d love to hear it. I’m sure even in England there must be some bonkers activities.

Matilda and her best friend, note the matching hats!

Matilda and her best friend, note the matching hats!


  1. sabrina montagnoli

    May 28, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    First time of hearing about this tradition!

  2. AnnieMammasaurus

    May 30, 2013 at 11:07 pm

    There’s a village scarecrow competition that goes on near my in-laws place each year – I must get some photos this time round as last year they were pretty mental. Every house on the main road makes a scarecrow and sits them in their front garden. You can tell a lot about someones personality based on what type of scarecrow they make!
    From the Scream masked scarecrow (minimum effort) to the vicar scarecrow squeezing the bottom of a scantily clad lady scarecrow (maximum effort) and everywhere in between.
    But of course anything is totally fine is topped off with a large ice-cream!

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