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The ultimate ‘I’ve just been ill and need vitamins’ meal

The ultimate veggie stir fry-001

I challenge anyone to look at that photo and not start salivating. This was dinner on Wednesday night, it was a thrown together meal and it was AWESOME. Both the lady of the manor and I had been ill since Sunday with tonsillitis, our meal plan had been forgotten and we’d been mainly eating soup. On Wednesday we started to feel better and were craving some vegetables, something full of flavour and goodness to recharge our bodies.

We did what every normal person does in this situation and opened the fridge. Peppers and mushrooms were grabbed along with some broccolli, then we spotted some bacon at the bottom. From the cupboard came pine nuts and egg noodles.

All the veggies, bacon and pine nuts were thrown into a wok along with some rapeseed oil. Cooked until just soft and then tipped on top of the hot egg noodles. Pretty damn tasty already but then I had a flash of inspiration.

Put a poached egg on top.

Honestly, there are few meals that a freshly cooked poached egg can’t improve. Even better that our eggs come from chickens owned by a guy on our street making them incredibly fresh and tasty.

We added a good dash of soya sauce to the plate and then devoured it like we hadn’t eaten for a week.


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  1. Liz (Margot&Barbara)

    May 24, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    That does look really good. Great when food is both good for you and tasty, rather than one or the other!

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