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Eat you infuriating baby

Henry is a lovely baby; he’s smiley, cuddly and has an awesome laugh. I love him, I really do. But meal times often have me tearing what little hair I have left out of my head.

Henry in high chair with feet up

BLW with style

His first reaction whenever you hand him any food is to throw it on the floor. Even if it’s his favourite ever food (peanut butter sandwiches) and he actually really wants to eat it, the hand grabs and then throws. If you’ve got some food that he likes then this will be repeated 2, maybe 3 times and then he’ll start eating. Once he starts you’re pretty much ok, he can be a real food monster and devour 3 bowls of shreddies for breakfast no problem. But all this eating is always interspersed with periods where he will just throw stuff on the floor.

It’s so bloody infuriating. I feel like screaming at him WHAT ARE YOU DOING? JUST BLOODY EAT IT.

We always planned to do baby led weaning with him as we did with Matilda (you can read all about her weaning here.) but to be honest there was very little choice in the matter. We did try going down the puree route in an early weaning desperation to get him to eat in the hope it might make him sleep more. But this just resulted in a baby, table, wall, floor and parent covered in puree. Oh and lots of screaming.

One thing that he definitely didn't drop on the floor

One thing that he definitely didn’t drop on the floor

So baby led weaning it was. No idea which parent Matilda and Henry get this stubborn, independent gene from *whistles nonchalantly*. But actually baby led weaning fits better with our parenting style anyway and I like that doing it this way teaches them what food actually looks and feels like rather than just a different coloured mush. Plus it’s oh so much easier being able to give them the same meals as we have most of the time and you should never underestimate how much they like strong flavours.

Henry is now just moving onto the stage where he wants to use a spoon himself. He won’t let you near his mouth with one but he will happily spend half an hour trying to dip a spoon into a yoghurt and then into his mouth. This works ok, sadly in between the 2 things he waves it around and looses the yoghurt either on himself or the floor. Patience is a virtue is my mantra.

Oh and my top top tip is get a dog. Seriously. I can’t imagine weaning a baby without a dog who strategically positions himself below the high chair, ready to pounce on every crumb that drops down to his level like some sort of kitchen shark.


  1. Helloitsgemma

    May 14, 2013 at 7:08 am

    The patience required for some aspects of parenthood should be dished out by the saints themselves. I have a very picky 5 year. He doesn’t throw good just rejects most of it. Don’t even try something new.

  2. AnnieMammasaurus

    May 16, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    I’m rather glad that mine are past this phase! Kitty was a weetabix hurler, which is bad enough but then no sooner as she was down on the floor she’d wipe said hurled weetabix on her finger and eat it. Infuriating!

  3. Ha! I feel your pain. Xander is enjoying throwing things at the moment; plates, dummies… punches. Can’t remember this phase lasting as long with Dylan. Hope it passes soon for us both!

  4. I had an amazingly easy toddler, eating whatever I handed her without too much mess, but then she hit about 5 (and met other children at mealtimes at school) and realised she actually only liked plain pasta. So, we then had several years of my saying ‘she USED to eat ANYthing. Really!’

  5. I love going over to my in-laws house for the dog!

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