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Listography – 5 things that are better than One Direction

I am not hip, cool, down with the kids, whatever you want to call it. I love music but I listen to radio 2 and radio 4 which thankfully means I avoid most of the stuff that is in the charts. I also do not watch crap factor or any other of those type of shows. However despite all this I do know who One Direction are, one of those things that are quite hard to avoid.

Which leads me onto this weeks Listography where Kate is asking us to list 5 things we want our children to know are better than One Direction. This may well be the easiest and fastest Listography I have ever done so without further dilly dallying here’s my 5.

    1. My foot; potentially my least favourite part of my body, a result of all that running which inevitably leads to pretty manky feet. Still better than One Direction though.
    2. My hair; if you’ve seen a recent photo of me you’ll notice the distinct lack of hair on top of my head. Balding hair isn’t really up there at the top of the hair rankings yet it’s still better than One Direction.
    3. The greatest try never scored; even if you’re not a rugby or sports fan you have to watch this video. Can you imagine the piss take he experienced from his team mates after this. Legendary. Still despite all this still better than One Direction.
    4. Mini disc’s; remember them? Promised a lot, the next big thing after CD’s, yet delivered very little. Now ancient history, long forgotten since Apple launched the first iPod. Still better than One Direction.
    5. Oasis; let’s be honest if the Gallagher brothers appeared in an audition on crap factor they’d never make it through and would get asked back at the end to sing with the other weirdo’s for one last time. The shouty lead singer who can’t really sing and his quiet brother who plays guitar well but that’s about it. Still, I’d rather listen to Champagne Supernova on repeat for the rest of my life than One Direction.



  1. We still have a mini disc player somewhere, my muso OH still vouches for their sound quality!

  2. Apartyofseven

    April 8, 2013 at 8:20 am

    Hahaha that made me giggle. My girls of course would not agree but then even I might take one direction over a manky running foot! Sorry 😉

  3. OK, I must admit I haven’t read all of your post – I will when I get time – but I feel the need to stick up for Oasis, 1 of my fave bands.They do seem be a Marmite band, I’ll admit. But I love their melodic, stirring, anthemic & often feel-good rock, when a lot of rock is often more angry & aggressive. I also love a lot of that stuff as well (my fave band is U2: speaking of Marmite bands!). Their first album is a edgier too, & is many fans’ & critics’ fave ahead of their later more ballady stuff. Noel’s braggadocio I think was often an act, he’s mellowed a lot now, & if you listen to his lyrics he often comes across as deep, thoughtful & intelligent.

    Liam however – although, in my opinion, one of rock’s great vocalists – is probably a knobhead. I’ll give you that..

    (I’m playing an Oasis album as I write this)

    And no arguments about 1 Direction!

    • I was a teenager at the height of their fame so there music was a big part of my growing up. But still not that much of a fan, just find them a bit dull

  4. Very smart. Try convincing an 8 year girl that manky feet are better than OD though. Will have to disagree with your Oasis battering too – Liam is a dick but they were a great band.

  5. AnnieMammasaurus

    April 8, 2013 at 10:52 pm

    HA! (plus Blur rule – Oasis suck bum – especially that ruddy album!)

  6. TheRamblingPages

    April 9, 2013 at 8:11 am

    Love your take on the list!

  7. *snorts*!

  8. You really don’t rate One Direction, do you!

  9. Brilliant list – had me laughing out loud 😀

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