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A class act

Not since someone first published how to work out your porn name (or the festive elf name version) has Twitter been so obsessed with one topic as today. It would seem that despite all the claims of “I’m an individual” or “why do we always have to categorise things” that at heart us Brits truly are obsessed with class and which part of the hierarchy we fit into.

Ben on beach in France

Holidaying in France, middle class surely?

I don’t think there is another country on the planet where the concept of class is so ingrained in the psyche as Britain. We may think that we’ve left behind the days of Victorian Britain where there was this real distinction between working and middle class but it would seem the reality is something different. Sure there may apparently be 7 categories of class now with some weird and wonderful names but it all boils down to the same thing doesn’t it?

We want to belong to a group and we want to be able to complain about the people in the other groups.

I have no doubt the Daily Mail is having a field day over this topic, blaming the rich politicians who studied at top universities for creating divides in society while at the same time claiming that those at the bottom cause cancer and probably killed Princess Diana. (I haven’t checked but is that close?).

My problem in all this is that I don’t think I fit a category, I’m unique (or as the lady of the manor says “you’re definitely one of a kind”). I have a 4×4 and a Springer Spaniel yet I run with him in lycra not walk him in Barbour. I went to a former polytechnic university yet I’m  now a chartered accountant. I buy meat from a farm shop yet I wear Next not Boden.

Well now I just feel lost, which category am I supposed to be in?

Perhaps I’m just confused? Yes that’s it, I’m in the confused class. The confused, sausage eating, good life wannabe, crazy runner class. It’s somewhere between chav and too posh to push.


What class would you be in if you could choose?


  1. I had a go at this and came out as ‘established middle class’ but agree with you that this really doesn’t tell the whole story; I’m descended from a Communist mining community which, also rather strangely, can be found in Kent! I also remember Christmases when my Mum made most of our presents as we couldn’t afford much as a family. As Kierkegaard said, “Once you label me, you negate me”. The fact I only know this quote thanks to Wayne’s World tells its own story…

  2. That made me laugh 🙂 4×4 and a spaniel but your run him in Lycra not walk him in Barbour. That sums it up really 🙂

  3. Like nearly everyone in Britain seems to have done, I had a go at this yesterday. I came out as “Established Middle Class”. Apparently I’m in the second richest section of society. Certainly do NOT feel like it! My husband came out as “Technical Middle Class” and then questioned if his love of an occasional donor kebab means he can never be in the “Established Middle Class” bracket. Perhaps if he buys a Barbour coat his love of donor meat will be overlooked?!

  4. Well said Ben!
    Great hat by the way … I need one of those for the summer, when we get it in October!

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