This is a sponsored post, I was sent the hoover free of charge however all opinions here are my own.

You know how you think your house is clean and then you get a new hoover?

Scary scary stuff.

We’ve needed to get a new hoover for a while now for 2 reasons; firstly it was starting to look a bit tired with a broken handle and hose held together with gaffa tape. Secondly and perhaps more importantly it was only a matter of time before Matilda figured out that we named Henry after a hoover.

Vax hooverSo it was pretty perfect timing when just before we moved house the lovely people at Littlewoods vacuum cleaners offered to send us a new hoover. We took delivery of this gleaming piece of cleaning wizardry this week and already the lady of the manor has whisked it around the house sucking up anything smaller than a book.

One look in the canister would tell you all you need to know about how good this hoover is at, well, hoovering.

Quite honestly I could probably stop there with the review of the Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach, it sucks up every grain of dust and dirt and is such a pleasure to use that the lady of the manor has actually done some cleaning proving that miracles do happen.

But I will give you a few other titbits; this hoover is incredibly light, so easy to push around the house and carry up and down the stairs. it also moves seamlessly between different surfaces. Downstairs in our house we have tiled, wood and carpeted floors and the Vax reacts to each one with no adjustment needed by you.

I also really like the adjustable handle, ideal as both the lady of the manor and I are so tall, it means we can extend the handle and not be bending over while using it. Plus it has a huge lead which even in our new mansion sized house is long enough to do the whole downstairs without unplugging it. Proved by a very important and scientific test carried out this evening.

Finally it has a HEPA filter which is essential when you have a hound like Bracken who seems to shed his own bodyweight in hair each week and comes with a massive 6 year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Would I recommend it? Yes wholeheartedly. A cracking product that performs excellently, is well designed and packed with useful features.