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Meme – Ten I’s









Corinne aka Mother Scuffer appears to have something for people called Ben seeing as she’s only tagged two people in this meme and they’re both called Ben. But whatever her fetish she is one of my favourite bloggers so I will oblige. Besides seems a pretty simple concept, I just answer the ten I’s (it does exactly what it says on the tin).

I can…. count to 10 without using my fingers or toes
I can’t…. stand watching people shave, freaks. me. out
I want…. a detached house and a Discovery and another dog and not to work and some rare breed pigs and my own fishing lake and a tractor mower and a home cinema. Not much really.
I wish…. every day was Sunday
I would like…. my hair to grow back
I don’t want…. this party to end
I wish I could…. give it all up and start a small holding
I hope…. I can make my kids proud of me
I love…. the feeling of freshly washed sheets
I am…. a lover not a fighter
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  1. I Shall…..join in in Monday! X

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