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The running dad – Arctic 10k

photo 1Today was the latest outing for this running dad and I say with no exaggeration that it was just like running a 10k in the Arctic. No really, the newspapers said so and everything.

My not so little brother and I donned our running gear, our hats and gloves and we laughed in the face of the weather. We may live in the south but we are no southern softies. Although you should have heard my brother whining about how one of his balls hurt.

I of course was the supportive brother and fellow runner….yes that’s right I laughed at him and mocked him all day.

But it was a whole lot of fun, which may sound a bit odd given that it was -2 and there was a few inches of snow underfoot. But you don’t become a runner without a little bit of crazy and it would seem that there are over 100 other people also crazy enough to head out on a Sunday to race.

photo 2This was a very cool race in every sense, fun conditions to run in and with the course perched on the hills above Bath some spectacular views to be seen also. It also had the added bonus of being only 20 minutes from home which given the roads was very useful.

The race went well, I can certainly feel the benefit of all the miles I have done recently and managed to finish feeling strong. Pushed my little brother all the way as well which is always satisfying when he’s 11 years younger and in theory a damn sight fitter. I may have gone for a final sprint for the finish quite early purely to beat the Bath athletic club guy in front of me.

Not competitive at all me.

Definitely need to start doing some hill training as that was where I really suffered, but all in all some good progress. Plus we managed to spend an evening last night planning out more races over the next few months as we continue our training for the big challenge in September.

Slightly disconcerting that today’s run will be just the first stage of that challenge with another 98 miles of cycling and running ahead of us. But we won’t think about that will we?

photo 3


  1. wow..much respect, running in the snow. did they give you a hot chocolate at the end?

  2. Rather you than me Ben, glad you had a great time. Mich x

  3. Very very brave in this weather. The last time I did a 10k it was during a Summer and I walked most of it.
    Well done

  4. Oh my goodness, you are brave! (or slightly crazy, of which I’m sure you already suspect of yourself!) .. I took up running 8 weeks ago, complete beginner but can now run 4 miles without stopping, I couldn’t even run 1/4 mile two months ago. I’m really enjoying it now! – I was really annoyed the snow had stopped me getting out, so I went to the gym to get on the tredmill instead. Felt like the longest four miles of my life.. how boring and uninspiring is running indoors on the spot :-/ …. Im sure I read that running outside is harder than on a tredmill, but this tredmill felt so much harder than running outdoors to me. Snow needs to go now, I can’t face that again! well done on your race! Im in for Bristol’s 10k and aiming for the half in sept. Pooping it.

    Fern xx

    • That is great progress, those first few weeks of running are so tough. Totally agree on treadmills, can’t stand them. Love the Bristol half though, a great event just make sure you realise how much is along the Portway…mentally tough

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