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My relationship with boobs

I am a man.

I like boobs.

Revelations worthy of Newsnight right?

But there is a serious point here, I promise, so hold on while I try to get there and not get distracted by the thought of boobs. The lady of the manor most definitely does not disappoint in the boob department, I would say that they are awesome but both my mum and my MIL read this so best not.

So to recap, I like boobs, the lady of the manor has great boobs. All looking good right? That is until one teeny tiny event happened that changed everything. Can you guess what it is?

A little boy was born and promptly set up camp in MY spot. With his feeding issues he was almost permanently there, guzzling away and turning into the not so little boy he is now. King of his domain and defender of his territory.

So what is a man to do? Where once I saw fun and excitement I now see Henry’s pit stop, his happy place. It’s changed and I think it’ll be a while before it feels the same again. That’s ok, I’m not bitter it’s just another part of being a dad, part of the adventure.

But I can’t just push him out can I? He does love it there and the lady of the manor definitely enjoys the cuddles with her little boy. Plus have you seen his face? Could he be any cuter with that big fat cheesy grin and naughty chuckle.

I guess I’ll just have to become a legs or arse man.

Henry screwing up face


  1. Haha you will get them back eventually! Just keep hovering around every so often to check they are free! 🙂

  2. Your little boy is extremely cute! Congratulations to you both.

    It is tough for you guys I agree. My other half was thrilled that I suddenly got ‘Hollywood boobs’ as he called them but was very unimpressed that he certainly wasn’t the one getting the lions share.

  3. The boobs will be shared with you again soon, but bums are good too! He really is adorable, I love that photo!

  4. I share your love and your pain! And from one fan to another, it’s well worth listening to the chorus of Mr Minchin here……

  5. It’s takes a long time for boobs go back to their grown-up purpose both for the man and the woman!! ( . )( . )

  6. He really is very cute.

    I think many men will sympathise with this post 🙂

  7. Love the photo. It really is great. It’s like he’s saying, “Deal with it dad.” Yea I’m on the other side of it this equation and it can be tough to compartmentalize. I guess you just try to do you best….it is tough for the girls too even if we are in favour of feeding the little ones…

  8. Very cute little man.
    Sorry you feel that way tbh. I’m still breast feeding (although only very occasionally now) my youngest son who is 4 in April and my husband has NEVER stopped loving and getting a look in with his boobs. The very early days are hard mind, but it wont be long I promise :O)
    Congratulations to you both.

    • I think it’s particularly noticeable at the moment because our first was bottle fed so never became an issue (and perhaps why there is only 13mths between them!)

  9. i LOVE that picture…its almost cartoon like..brilliant. He is SO thinking ‘ner ner ner ner ner’

  10. Ha! Excellent post. Breasts are a tricky issue after birth, I think. I certainly felt mine were off-limits whilst I was feeding. I know lots of women are able to ‘mix and match’ but I was a bit more single-minded until I stopped feeding and could ‘re-purpose’ them again! Fortunately a woman has lots of other bits to keep you distracted in the interim 😉

    • re-purpose, I like that description 🙂 It’s definitely an odd time, not something you really think about for the first few months but in this period after weaning has started it suddenly becomes an issue

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