After a little Christmas break Matilda is back with her book reviews which I know is the only reason you read this blog. Thankfully our families know that we would much rather Matilda got books as presents than toys (actually she probably would also) and so we have a nice big pile of new material to read together at bed time.

Wow! Said the owl is already a firm favourite with me, I’m definitely a sucker for a simple concept for the story and a repetitive start to each section. This book is all about a little owl that decides to sleep one night so that it can stay awake the next day and experience the day light.

The owl is amazed by all the bright colours and if you hadn’t already guessed it each page starts with wow! said the owl as it discovers each new thing. It’s a really nice little story and gives me an opportunity to start teaching Matilda colours which is great. She’s definitely at that age where she’s really becoming a sponge for information and words so being able to show her each colour based on something she can relate to like trees or the sky is perfect.

Matilda loves spotting the owl on each page and is starting to understand what a sun and moon look like. I have also taken great pleasure in teaching her how to say WOW 🙂

P.S We’re also very excited to have won a bookshelf from Tidy Books this week in a blog competition which means that Matilda can start her very own library when we move house