You may have noticed that there was no book review last Monday, this was because we were at the beginning of what turned out to be a whole week of babies with high temperatures, coughs and no sleep. Unfortunately writing a book review wasn’t near the top of my list of priorities as I tried to make it through a busy day of work.

But I’m back this week and with not 1 but 3 books reviewed. We were sent these 3 books to review a while ago, all with a Christmas theme and not wanting to force things have let Matilda chose if she wants to read them. The 3 books are:

  • Thomas and Friends – Snowy tracks
  • Mr Men – Meet Father Christmas
  • Everything’s Rosie – The Last Snowball

To be honest the popularity of these books has been mixed with Thomas and Friends ┬ádefinitely the firm favourite. Although weirdly Matilda seems to mainly want to look at the page with the fat controller on it. It’s the first page she heads for and often won’t let me turn to the next page. Not entirely sure what that’s all about, perhaps it’s because I have such a fit, athletic body that she’s curious what this round fat man is all about?

In any case the book has been popular with here, however I’m not quite as excited about reading it as I thought I would be. In my head the Thomas the Tank engine stories were amazing, but not sure how much I enjoy reading them as a parent. They’re perfectly good books I think I just prefer the Shirley Hughes style of story.

The Mr Men book hasn’t captured Matilda’s attention quite so much but I think that’s mainly because it’s a little old for her still. She doesn’t understand why houses being upside down in Muddleland is amusing for example. But I quite like the Mr Men, they’re like superheroes without the ego, so this one will go on the book shelf and we’ll try again later.

The final book, Everything’s Rosie, I’m afraid has just been gathering dust. Neither of us have any interest in opening it. For Matilda I think it’s all a bit wordy for her age and for me it’s just a bit cartoon like. Doesn’t really float my boat so I’m secretly pleased that Matilda isn’t interested. I’m sure it’s a great book it’s just not for us.

I also wanted to add that all 3 books are a nice size, perfect for little hands and a nice step up from the cardboard books that Matilda would have had a few months ago.

These books were sent to me for review, however all opinions here are my own and I received no additional fee for writing this post.