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Breastfeeding, weaning and a distinct lack of sleep

An old friend has made a re-appearance in the kitchen this week; Steve the steriliser had been put into retirement and gathering dust upstairs but has been called back into action. We’ve decided, with a somewhat heavy heart to introduce some formula into Henry’s diet.

It was something we’d been resisting and something that the lady of the manor really wanted to avoid but for a short while at least it’s needed. The problem is this; Henry is almost 7 months old and still waking every 3 hours, day and night, for a feed. He’s a hungry boy and while breastfeeding is working perfectly for the lady of the manor keeping this up while also dealing with both babies during the day is too much.

I help where I can but unless there is some scientific breakthrough Henry is going to be sorely disappointed trying to feed from my breasts. Plus I’m not sure my nipples can take it.

We hoped that when he started having some solids that this would fill him up a bit more and then he’d sleep longer. It seems to sporadically and he’ll only wake up twice between 10pm and 6am but after a few weeks doesn’t seem to have had a real change.

However trying to get solids into him has meant doing puree’s to ensure he gets a good amount which wasn’t our preference and has started to get pretty painful for all involved. Trying to get a spoon into a baby’s mouth is hard enough, but when he spends half the time screaming the house down and straining to get out of his chair it’s just not fun.

Enough is enough. We’re going to give him a few bottles each day, mainly in the evenings so I can help out, and change to baby led weaning. I know the lady of the manor feels guilty for doing this but 7 months of breastfeeding is an amazing achievement and it’s not like she will stop completely. Plus we found it a whole lot more fun doing baby led weaning with Matilda and watching her learn how to pick up foods. In the few days we have done it with Henry he is back to smiling and gurgling at meal times which is lovely.

As seems to often be the case this isn’t the perfect weaning plan that we  imagined, but if I’ve learned anything since becoming a parent it’s that you need to adapt and do what’s best for the whole family.


  1. Brinabird and Son

    December 13, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    It’s always a difficult decision to make when it comes to breastfeeding but as you say a happy family is what is most important! He certainly looks like he is enjoying his food there!

  2. 7 months is a massive achievement, I only managed 5months with my second. 10 mins with my first and not at all with my third. Breast feeding is the single most difficult thing I have ever tried to do! If this helps your family settle into a more relaxed routine and gives you more time to do other things, then it will be worth it in the end. Xxx

  3. Well done Alex! Do not feel bad about introducing formula. There are people out there who make out that those mothers who don’t breastfeed until the child goes to university (I jest but you get the idea) are the scum of the earth. Back in the real world babies who get formula are just as healthy and happy as those that are breastfed. Our daughter is such an example.

    Do whatever works for you as a family and screw what anyone else thinks or tells you.

    Good job!

    • We have no issue with formula feeding, Matilda was 100% formula after all, but I know wifey really likes it and would love to keep going. But at some point you have to stop and make sure you’re happy and not just surviving

  4. You must tell her how well she’s done (I’m sure you have but tell her from me), I fed a very hungry boy myself for the same amount of time, whilst looking after a toddler and it is exhausting. We swapped to baby led weaning and introduced formula at 6 months, they still need lots of milk at this stage as there’s not that much food that goes in and what does go in should be fun for them. there is no need for guilt, you’re all doing a super job! Corinne x

    • Thank you, we both much prefer BLW just need more sleep! Interestingly he doesn’t seem very interested in a bottle so we may have to stick to BF

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