I do apologise for the lack of book reviews in the last 2 weeks, it’s not that we haven’t been reading any, Matilda would definitely not allow that. But my brain was truly too full with up with ‘stuff’. However we’re back this week with a new favourite book and something perhaps a little more unusual.

This beautiful book is a bit different to your everyday big sellers like spot or Mr Men. It’s a really simple concept as all good childrens books are, telling the story of parents tucking up their children in bed and how they will protect them. With the parents and children in this case being animals which Matilda of course loves. “Bunny daddy” Yes Matilda that is indeed a bunny. What is particularly cute is this week she figured out that animals could be mummy and baby too. Amazing watching her reach that conclusion.

There aren’t a huge amount of words but they are really well written, simple, comforting, cosy words even. Ones that at least from my perspective provide some calming reassurance at bed time that can never be a bad thing right?

The art work is also great, quite quirky and different but completely filling the pages. I like how each page has a different parent and child animal on it and how the words are integrated into the picture, not always standard straight lines of text.

Matilda seems generally enthralled by it, sitting taking in all the colours and pictures on a page. The detail on the drawings means that if we want to we can talk about what’s on the page and spot the animals etc. It’s also a nice size book, which may sound odd but at her age I think it’s nice to have a book of a decent size rather than trying to peer at some small A5 sized book.

All in all a fab book that I would definitely recommend, perfect for bed time when you don’t want to be lifting up flaps in a book.