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Listography: six songs of me

I do like the listography link up over on Kate Takes 5 and this time she’s even been a bit cheeky and picked a prompt with 6 answers. So here are my answers to the six songs of me questions:

1 – What was the first song you ever bought?

I’m sure there were other songs purchased before this, but the first one I really remember buying was Now 21 on double tape. Those compilations were always top of my christmas list and I used to listen to them over and over again. I can remember learning all the words to Right Said Fred – Deeply Dippy off that album.

2 – What song always gets you dancing?

Quite honestly I am not a dancer, I can throw some mean dad dancing shapes but it’s rare that I’ll voluntarily get on the dancefloor. However I if house of pain – jump around comes on then I may well be tempted. Particularly given that half the song you just have to jump up and down, even I can do that.

3 – What song takes you back to your childhood

Has to be young at heart by the Bluebells, always take me back to being 12 or 13 and signing along in my bedroom. Surely the only time you can ever do air Violin also?

4 – What is your perfect love song

The current lady of the manor and I had you do something to me by Paul Weller as our first dance so that has to be top of the list. In fact there are probably 3 or 4 of his songs that would fit the bill pretty well here like moon on his pyjamas. Such a great voice.

5. What song would you want at your funeral?

Hello by Lionel Richie, because it has to be a tear jerker doesn’t it? People WILL cry at my funeral even if I have to resort to sad songs to do it.

6. Time for the encore, one last song that makes you you

Well it has to be good old Frank, no selection is complete without him surely? This is my dance around the kitchen while cooking up a storm music, my food is definitely tastier when Frank has helped me cook it! Come fly with me would just sneak it as pick of the lot for me.

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  1. First album I ever bought was Hey Hey it’s the Monkees greatest hits! Dunno what that says about me….

  2. Love a bit of Frank! House of Pain is a classic.

  3. Jump is a brilliant song, it gets me moving when it plays too x

  4. Oh I LOVE that Paul Weller song. So gorgeous. And even I can dance to House of Pain – it’s actually one of my signature moves…

  5. I’m sure people would cry at your funeral even without Lionel. Great list.

  6. Your FIRST album was Now 21? Just done my list and the first Now album was on mine….*sobs*

  7. I loved the Now albums. My first one was Now 7.

  8. Love these lists.
    We have similar tastes – although these didn’t make it to my list – they have all made me go “oh yes” I loved the bluebells and still have that song on vinyl. I also think the Paul Weller song is very beautiful. Frank Sinatra – I think come fly with me is one of my favourite songs. It’s so hard picking songs.

  9. ahhh mr weller he does something to me! great choices

  10. Fab list – was a bit gutted I couldn’t include Frank in mine somewhere. Fly Me to The Moon, I Got You Under My Skin…Maybe Kate’s next linky could be 5 favourite Frank Sinatra songs… or did she already do that *searches internet*

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