I think I’ve shown some restraint in not yet reviewing a Shirley Hughes book here, if I had to read just one children’s author it would be her. I love the style, the words, the drawings, everything! Thankfully Matilda seems to agree and will often grab one of her books out of the book bag.

We’re been trying recently to make story time a bit more educational rather than just her hearing some fun words. In all the books we spot different objects or animals, learn the animal noises and have some discussion about what’s on the page. Nothing ground breaking in the approach but absolutely fascinating to watch as she develops and learns things. She can find a dog or cat on a page within 2 seconds flat now, she knows what noise a monkey makes and knows where fish live. All important life skills I’m sure you’ll agree.

What I particularly like about this book is that it introduces colours but in the form of a story and interesting objects rather than something more blatant. Feels nicer as a bed time book that way and a bit more sophisticated than a picture and a label. What is also quite amazing is that the book was first published in 1986 but really doesn’t feel dated, maybe that’s partly my love of classic English countryside living but I think it also gives some credit to the drawings in particular.

Matilda loves flicking through and pointing at the pictures, it’s one of the few books where she’ll actually sit still and read the whole way through. Her favourite page it seems is purple but she does get quite frustrated that she can’t eat the blackberries on the page. Her new food obsession after we introduced her to them on a dog walk. We have the book in a nice small size which she also finds very easy to sit and open herself, I think my mum gave them to us from her collection so no idea if you can still buy in this form.

So the first of most likely many Shirley Hughes books to grace this site and most definitely  comes highly recommended.