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Happy 2nd birthday little blog

Today is the 2nd birthday of this little blog, which feels quite amazing really, it really doesn’t feel like 2 years ago that I wrote that first post. But on the other hand blogging is such a part of my life now that it would feel very strange not to do it. I love the process of writing, a kind a therapy often and most definitely a challenge to try to articulate the funny/sad/cute/emotional thoughts in my head.

I like to think that my writing has developed over the 2 years, it’s not always easy and writing is something I’ve always avoided where possible, preferring numbers at school and university. Sitting down and writing about my emotions can be hard at times especially if you ever think about who is reading your blog. At the beginning very few people who I know in the real world knew about it but that’s changing and I guess something you have to embrace eventually.

It’s great being able to look back and have a record of Henry and Matilda growing and changing, a very easy way to see when they passed each milestone or to compare what they are both doing at similar ages. I know also that family like seeing these posts and getting an update on what is going on in our lives.

But it’s more than that, the greatest thing about having a blog is the community, the interaction with other people, bloggers and non bloggers alike, swapping stories, learning new skills and building knowledge in whatever interests you. Going to Britmums live was such a good experience, finally getting to put a face to a blogger and have a coffee with people who you really hope you like as much in real life as online. Thankfully it most cases I think I liked them even more!

The highlight of the last year from a blogging perspective has to be winning an award at the Brilliance in Blogging awards. Something I hoped for but honestly never truly expected, I may write this blog for me and because I enjoy it but to get some recognition also was the icing on the cake.

So what now? What does the next year hold? Well clearly many more adventures with the little ones, perhaps a few more guest posts from the lady of the manor if my nagging works and definitely more posts about my running and a big challenge that I’m planning for 2013. I’ve also just joined Phil and Teds as one of their parent bloggers and should be publishing my first post in the next week. So exciting times and hopefully a year of more opportunities to write and who knows maybe even get paid to occasionally 🙂

Thanks as ever for reading my mutterings and if you don’t already how about subscribing to this blog as a little birthday present?


  1. Congratulations. All very exciting, and sounds like there’s lots to be getting on with in the (near) future with the blog

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! Or blogoversary or whatever it should be called (!). It’s good to hear the fun of blogging is still there for you. I go through ups and downs with it, but over all, like you, I love the connection with others all over the world, I love the discipline it makes me practice and I just love the opportunity to try different things in a still newish form of creativity.

    Your blog is a great addition to the blog world! Have fun carrying on 🙂

    • Can totally relate to the ups and downs, went through a period in August/September with no inspiration or motivation but really feeling it again now.

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