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The Gallery – books

Matilda is definitely a book worm and I think spends more time reading books than playing with toys, however as ever with this generation it was only a matter of time before she started using modern technology to read. Taken on our holiday to France a few weeks ago and a rare moment of calm in an otherwise crazy and fun week.

This is my post for this weeks gallery, do have a look at the other entries here.


  1. Very cute. The colours in that shot are gorgeous – the pastel pink cardigan and the white blonde hair – beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous little lady. Such a lovely photo x


  3. Thats the perfect size for little hands. She’s grown so much, her hair is lovely.

  4. Oh this is such a lovely shot, she looks so engaged in what she is doing!

  5. Wow – just look st that concentration. She is ahead of me on the technology!

  6. My word she really is a Matilda reading lie that so young. Beautiful photo.

    • well, not sure she was technically reading but she will quite happily sit like that and look at books which is great

  7. gorgeous photograph and I love the concentration.

  8. What a beautiful picture. The light is beautiful. She looks completely engrossed.

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