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Born Nappycino event

The lady of the manor was very excited to be invited to a blogger event of her own and didn’t hesitate to take advantage of my hard work in creating this blog. So I thought it only fair that she also writes the post about it. So here for the very first time is a blog post by the lady of the manor.

A long time ago when I was a student in Bristol I would daydream about being a mummy. I would spend hours walking down Gloucester road and most of this time I would be looking in the window of Born at the Stokke crib in the display. Mentally noting all the things that I would like when it would be us having a baby.  I knew when the time came that I wanted to breast feed my babies and use real nappies as my mum had. Both of these have been problematic! Our breastfeeding story has already been told and can be read here.

Having tried real nappies briefly when Matilda was very small I found that because she was very small and had tiny legs the nappies would leak so we decided to wait until she had gained weight and try again. But this never happened we went away travelling to new zealand and decided that it wouldn’t be practical to use cloth nappies whilst living in a camper van then I found out I was pregnant and so I thought I would wait until the baby arrived and then find some to use for both children. Well Henry is five months old now and we are still in disposable’s! So when Adele invited me to the nappycino event at Born I jumped at the chance to find out more about cloth nappies and which ones would work for us.

The shop was full to the brim with mum’s, dad’s and children all chatting enthusiastically to one another about all aspects of parenting. Young children played on the floor amongst the legs of their parents as the different nappies were pulled apart and and their merits and differences discussed. Henry and I were welcomed by Adele who then introduced me to Fritha (another blogger) who had brought her son wilf with her. Fritha was already using cloth nappies and was happy to impart her experience with these.

There were two main demonstrations taking place. Georgina Cunliffe founder of the bristol nappy library had brought a large selection of what is available for everyone to look through and pull apart. Georgina was more than enthusiastic about the nappies that she had brought with her and she had a solution to most problems. Defiantly worth contacting if you are thinking of using cloth nappies and want to try a few before you buy.  Andrea from Itti Bitti cloth nappies was talking mums throughout the range of nappies that were available and giving each mum an itti bitti wet bag to take away with them.

Choosing which cloth nappies to use is a massive decision and there are so many varieties. You have a choice of all in one, two part, pocket, birth to potty and they can be made from different fabrics cotton, micro fibre, bamboo or minkey. You also need to consider drying time, how many children are going to use them and how often they are going to be washed as this will depend on the fabric that you choose. So when it comes to finally making a decision its best to have tried a few to find the ones that fit best with your family.

We need a nappy that will work for our 18 month old as well as our 5 month old. Currently we are testing out 3 different brands and I think we are very close to choosing the ones that will adorn our babies bottoms for years to come.


  1. So happy your dreams of becoming a Mummy came true.
    (seriously, give Alex a mention at least!)

  2. Lovely post! – was lovely to meet you Alex. Hope your find the switch to cloth smooth! it can be a bit trial and error to begin with! We are tots bots and ‘apple cheeks’ fans here 🙂 .. If anyone is interested in a bit more cloth nappy info, Georgie from Bristol Cloth Nappy Library also did a guest post on my blog.. … happy cloth bumming!

    Fern xox xxxx

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