You may not know this about me but I am somewhat of a fishing fanatic. Ever since my dad took me fishing aged 6 I have been obsessed with the mysterious monsters that lurked below the surface. Marvelling at the incredible colours of the ones that you do manage to catch and loving the stories of the one that got away.

In part at least the obsession is as much about being out amongst nature as the fishing itself. I spent many a summer morning as a teenager sat at dawn next to a beautiful lilly covered gravel pit trying to catch Tench or cycling with my brother to the local river in the summer holidays to hunt for monster Chub.

As I got older it also satisfied that manly desire to own gadgets and equipment and tools. Seriously if you want a good way to spend every penny you earn on something then fishing is it. There is always a latest and greatest bait or rod that is ‘guaranteed’ to catch you more. Once you get past this and realise that actually going fishing is what helps you catch the whole activity becomes much more relaxed and peaceful.

So what’s the point in me telling you this?

Well amongst all the fishing books in the world there is one classic, iconic even, book that every angler knows.  Mr Crabtree goes fishing was written by Bernard Venables over 50 years ago and was a book my dad read as a child and then as I became interested read with me. It follows Peter and his dad as they go fishing, with little comic style illustrations of the story of their adventures to accompany the writing. This book formed another part of my fishing obsession, a book to read in the evenings or on those days where you couldn’t go out fishing.

This month sees the release of a new book called ‘Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr Crabtree’, a follow on from the original book which aims to take the same principles and approach to fishing but apply them to the modern world. Due to be released next month and written by John Bailey I genuinely can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and maybe one day soon start reading it to Matilda and Henry.

If you know someone who is similarly fishing obsessed or you’re interested in taking your own children fishing I would thoroughly recommend taking a look at this book. For more information you can visit the Mr Crabtree website by clicking here or you can click the badge on my homepage.

P.S If you do like fishing I would also highly recommend the Passion for Angling TV series and book. Beautifully shot and really captures what fishing for me is all about.

I’ve signed up to the Mr Crabtree affiliate program which gives me a commission if someone buys the book after clicking the link on my blog. However I have only done this because I genuinely love the original book and have parted with my own hard earned cash to buy a copy of the new one.