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Matilda’s book reviews – that’s not my ….

These are just a few of the books from this series that have somehow built up to somewhat of a collection in our house. We also have that’s not my snowman and that’s not my plane amongst others. Now let’s be clear from the start, these are not literary classics, they don’t really challenge or educate and they aren’t going to win any prizes.

But if you take Matilda’s opinion on them they would be top of the best seller list. She absolutely loves them, they are one of the first books she’ll pull out of the bag much to my annoyance.

The concept is simple, each page starts with ‘that’s not my…’ and has a picture of that object. Some part of the object then has a fluffy/bumpy/scratchy/shiny (the list goes on) part and this is the reason that it’s not yours. So pretty straightforward really.

6 months ago Matilda would have just reached straight for the part to touch and feel it not really understanding what it was etc.Now she takes in more of the picture, we spot the mouse that is on every page (normally her record is 100% here aside from when she points at a chicken instead) and she turns the pages to the specific one that she wants.

I’d prefer to be reading her something with more of a story or something that was simply more interesting to read. But it is a good place to start and is also quite a good book to read with both Matilda and Henry as right now it has something for both of them.


  1. I dont own any of these but we have had a couple from the local library. The little ones do seem to have fun reading them. We do have a Usbourne touch and feel Christmas Nativity book that is similar and its lovely. Dont know if its your cup of tea but the story is kept simple and its nice for the younger ones at Christmas.

    • I’ve a feeling we have that nativity book to, I’m really not very religious but happy to teach Matilda what that part of the year is supposed to be about

  2. sabrina montagnoli

    October 15, 2012 at 8:52 am

    I think most families have at least one of these books at home…we have them in both English and Italian. Hubby finds the Italian one hilarious because the descriptive words are ones he would never use! My wee man enjoys them I think because Mummy tries her best to be expressive and I usually overdo it and these days books are all about touching and feeling and sometimes dare I say tearing apart. He tends to read the ones with lots of words to himself blabbering away which is very cute!

    • there is definitely some tearing apart in this house, you can’t really get angry with an 18 month old that really wants to see what’s under the flap though can you?

  3. We have quite a few of these, although we don’t use them much now as we’ve moved onto Tales From Acre Wood. However, when we did use them Olivia loved them, pointing things out, laughing with us and us having a laugh at Santa’s rough sack. Don’t think it really matters if they are well written, educational or anything else – at that age the act of reading with you and having fun is far more important.

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