The ever so fabulous Sunniva who blogs over at The Kitchen Mechanic wrote a post recently about why she blogs and why she shares often personal stories with whoever wants to read them. People who don’t blog often find it hard to understand why people blog at all let alone share their innermost secrets. Having published her reasons she asked others for their story, so here’s mine.

I started blogging almost 2 years ago now for a very simple and possibly quite an egotistical reason. I thought I had some interesting, witty even, insights and commentary on the world that I thought others might want to read. That sounds pretty bad doesn’t it? What I really mean though is that I’d often be going about everyday life and I’d think of a comment or observation that was too long or complicated to be captured simply in a tweet. I hadn’t been tweeting that long but long enough to realise that that wasn’t the place for these ideas.

I asked around a little on twitter if it was a good idea to start a blog and of course the answer was a resounding yes. Why wouldn’t it be? If you are even considering starting a blog then just do it. What is there to lose really? So I did and here I am now self hosted. Those thoughts or observations are now acknowledged in my head as the beginnings of blog posts, I type notes in my phone to remember them for the future and often write my best posts in my head while out running.

But in those last 2 years there has been a lot of evolution, given that I set out to both make observations about life/politics/news and talk a bit about my own life it’s inevitable that parenting has become a big part of my writing. The experiences I was having and the challenges I was facing meant that I naturally became part of the parent blogging community for the most part.

I’ve fallen in love with the experience of writing, which is quite amazing for someone who was and mostly still is all about the numbers. I’m a qualified management accountant after all! I love having a medium to express my thoughts or release my anger, to capture those amazing moments of highs and lows you can have as a parent and also simply interact with other people through writing. Simply the process of trying to articulate your thoughts provides an amazing release and can also provide you with moments of clarity.

That’s the benefit of blogging to me, my family on the other hand use my blog to keep up with what is happening with us and the children from their locations around the globe. I’ve lost track of the phone calls that have started ‘I read on your blog’. Although it is freaky sometimes when someone starts talking to you about something and you have no idea how they know. I also hope that in a few years Matilda and Henry will want to back and read all about their childhoods, the first generation of this digital age who will be able to do that. Surely that will be fascinating for them?

I’ve tried to keep my writing honest and open despite the fact that friends and family now read it, it’s actually a good way to share with them how you are feeling without having to find the words verbally. Something that as a man can often be a lot easier! But there has of course been some restraint, I don’t want to create resentment or arguments through writing, those conversations are definitely better in person.

This isn’t a meme but if anyone else is interested in answering ‘why’ then do let me know when you have published as I’d love to read it.